I’ve just discovered something.

1 Feb

Ever since I saw Slumdog last weekend, I’ve been enamored with Dev Patel. It just amazes me how seasoned he appeared in the film, with but an ounce of experience.

And that ounce of experience is what I’ve discovered. All the peeps on the WAS discussion board have been talking about the British show “Skins,” and I felt very out of the loop. So I went digging online and I found season two. And I must say, it resembles something much like a series I’ve seen before – Degrassi. The lack of parents, the constant shuffling of sexual partners, and the archetypal characters.

But the most bizarre coincidence came in the last few episodes when Jal, the only black girl in the series, becomes pregnant with her boyfriend’s child. And in the next episode, he dies. I’d been skimming over the episodes of course, but it struck me as odd. A few years back on Degrassi, JT got Liberty pregnant, and then JT died, leaving Liberty with the decision on her own. Not that this matters all that much, but Liberty was also one of the only black characters. I don’t watch Degrassi anymore, because I got too old for it, and all the swapping of boyfriends and girlfriends got exhausting.

I just thought I’d share that little bit of wisdom with you, because I can’t sleep. I will say that Skins features a good soundtrack, as well as a few talented actors (Dev Patel being one of them), and what’s funny is that Dev’s character Anwar was probably the least stressed out of all the characters. He was the comic relief, who just kept wanting to get laid. Literally, he was pretty much naked more often then not in this short little ten-episode season. It was mind-boggling to me that this was a teen show. Like, it was pretty R-rated if you ask me, but that could be the difference that the FCC makes. English doesn’t have the FCC. Apparently teenagers fucking isn’t so much of the big deal over there.

This is one of the posters.


Oh how I want to be British…not because of what I just said, but for other reasons.

A visit would suffice. Again, not for those previous reasons.

You Look Great When I’m Fucked Up-Brian Jonestown Massacre

I’ll go now. I should go to bed. Oh, Flight of the Conchords was AMAZING tonight!

‚̧ Abby


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