I’m afraid. Very afraid.

30 Jan

Watch these first. They won’t link.
Future of Music Journalism Part One
Part Two.

I just watched these this morning on Hipster Runoff and it made me scared. As well as the fact that the Seattle Times just got sold, and it’s possible that Rupert Murdoch might purchase The New York Times by the end of the year. That’s how bad the print journalism is. And even the music mags are in danger of going under. I’m afraid that I might not have the option to be a music journalist in a few years. As much as I love blogging, it’s causing the business that I want to be a part of to disappear as we’ve always known it.

The fact that we have humanity at our fingertips, and anyone can write anything about anyone at any time of the day, and it’s available to everyone at that instant has made print journalism almost obsolete, and no one is looking to the professionals for anything anymore. Bloggers like Carles and all the people over at Hype Machine and Idolator are widely read. Hype Machine is the quintessential mp3 blog, where you get the newest and upcoming artists. The most credible source on the internet for instant music information is Pitchfork.

Maybe I’ll work for Pitchfork. That would be cool. As much as I want to write for a mag like Rolling Stone, or Spin, or even NME, if by some crazy phenomenon that I move to London, but I don’t know if there will be a job waiting for me in several years. The internet has taken over the biz, and it just happens to be the biz that I want to be apart of.

Mom actually talked to a woman today that used to work for the Seattle Times as a photojournalist, and now she has like 3 different houses. So now she’s telling me that I need to take more pictures and make a shit ton of money taking photos.

Or there’s always movies. I could make them. 🙂

Ladyhawke-Paris is Burning

❤ Abby


One Response to “I’m afraid. Very afraid.”

  1. Ingrid Barrentine 01/30/2009 at 11:42 pm #

    Photo-j doesn’t make any money. I know five people who are photojournalists who got laid off just this last year. It is a sorry, sorry, state we find ourselves. But something will come of this – we might find work somewhere doing something we never were trained to do, or something we never imagined. Maybe we just need to fight and claw and hang on to our death?

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