I’m totally crushing on Dev Patel

25 Jan

Slumdog Millionaire was absolutely wonderful.

My mom and I have made a pact to from now on, see all the nominees for best picture at the Oscars before they are actually aired, so we can have an honest opinion. She’s already seen Benjamin Button, but I want to see at least two more films before the Oscars in two weeks. Milk and Frost/Nixon. The Reader looks good, but not so much for me. And I only have two weekends left. I’d rather not see two movies in one weekend. That’s like 18 dollars for movies. Unless I see a matinee, which would be a very good idea now that I think of it.

But I was so inspired by this movie, Slumdog Millionaire. As hard as it was to watch some scenes, I couldn’t take my eyes away from the screen. I kept thinking about something bad that I could say about this movie, but I can’t think of anything. I mean, the soundtrack was phenomenal, the story was magical, the editing was fantastic, and Dev Patel was so awesome. This was his first movie.


It really surprised me when I went to IMDB to see what other movies he’s been in, but all I could find was a British version of Degrassi called “Skins.”

This kid is talented, and I can say kid, because he’s still younger than I am by a year. I think I’ll sit and write an official review, one that actually talks about things seriously, without sounding like I’m gushing. Because I’m gushing. It was very nice to go see an actually good movie. I haven’t been to a really good movie since The Dark Knight. The only movies that I’ve seen since then are Twilight and the Spirit. And I don’t think Wall-E counts, since I rented it.

But I highly recommend Slumdog Millionaire. It will make you believe in destiny.

What else happened today?

Oh, I finally got around to seeing Batman, the first one – with Jack Nicholson. I didn’t know how fucked up his character was. Still not quite as fucked up as Heath’s Joker, but still fucked up. It was so Burton though, I could tell. That’s why I watched it. I had to for Film Directors, one of my classes. We’re watching Batman Returns on monday, and Coon told us we should see the first one, although he said that if we didn’t get around to seeing it, “he fights crime, that’s basically what happens.” It was pretty funny.

But what wasn’t funny was the fact that I’m a complete idiot. I put the Batman DVD in today, since I rented it last night, and about ten minutes in – it started skipping hardcore. Like, really hardcore. I couldn’t watch it. And then I started looking online for movie streaming websites, which obviously didn’t have a 20-year-old movie, but I kept looking. I even tried a free trial for Netflix, which I immediately cancelled once I discovered that it didn’t have Batman for instant rental.

I was screwed.

Until I realized that the DVD was dual-sided. I was on the full-screen side. I turned it over to widescreen and it was fine.

Fucking fine. No skipping. Not one little blip. I felt like an idiot.

So I got to watch my movie. And I’ll return it later, and might possibly rent another one, Death at a Funeral to be specific, mostly because a friend recommended it to me. But I have stuff to do tonight and tomorrow, so maybe later.

Here are some songs from the Slumdog soundtrack, which is, like I said, phenomenal.
M.I.A.’s Oscar-nominated song – O….Saya
The awesome song at the end where they all dance a Bollywood dance – Jai Ho, even though my mom still sings it as “Tally Ho!”

❤ Abby


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