Sorry, y’all

19 Jan

I’ve waited much too long to post this, since it’s been…6 days.

Holy fuck!

It could have been that I’ve had just about the busiest weekend I’ve had in awhile. Well, at least since last layout. Thursday was layout, then I visited my friends down at St. Martins. Friday was layout. And more layout. Saturday was the wedding – I’ll get to that in a minute, and yesterday was layout pretty much all day. All the while, I’ve been trying to do my Energy and Environment homework, which is proving to be almost impossible for me, since I don’t know anything about cars and heat, and fuel, and coal, and energy. And there’s math. Fucking MATH! Ugh. It makes me nuts. I thought we’d be talking about the environment, like in an environmental science class. I didn’t know that I’d be doing a shitload of math. Granted, it really is only algebra, but I haven’t done algebra regularly in a LONG time, and any sort of mathematical equation seems like a hassle to me, and I hate it.

I hate math. With all the fire in my being.

Right, now I’m still in the midst of doing that assignment, as well as this week’s assignment, and a paper for my film director’s class. I’m so glad that class is easy. As well as my Intro to American Politics class. I just have to read stuff. At least for now I do.

Layout kind of pissed me off this weekend, not because we had 12 pages. I liked that we didn’t have to lay out 16 pages. 16 pages between 2 people is kind of annoying. But what pissed me off is that it should be between 3 people. But Alexis and I were the only ones working the whole time. Our other page designer decided to show up for 2 hours yesterday, and that’s been the habit so far. And we get paid the same amount per quarter. I personally don’t think it’s fair, which is why once I figure out how to do my homework, I’ll be teaching myself how to run our damn website, because I’d like to get paid more than someone who doesn’t put the effort in.

I think this issue will look good, only thanks to Alexis and me.

So enough venting for now. I’ll write about the good things about this weekend. Well, there really was only one good thing – Derek and Heidi’s wedding. And I know y’all are reading this right now, and again, I’m sorry I waited until today to write this. And I’m sorry I didn’t stay later than 8:30. I wanted to, but my sister was getting restless and annoying. And I was quite tired.

But from what I experienced, it was the best wedding I’d been to all year. And for most people, that wouldn’t mean much, like “Abby, wasn’t that the ONLY wedding you went to all year?”

Nope. I went to three in the last 7 months. And Derek and Heidi’s far surpassed either of the other two.

First of all – I didn’t have to drive into another state to attend. It was right in town, which was nice, because most people were able to make it, from what I saw. Even Kristine made the day trip to come see Heidi and Derek wed. And it ended up being kind of a hassle for, since she got a flat tire and was stuck in Bellingham until her sister drove her down to the Gig.

It was so nice to see everyone again, all here for one purpose. And it couldn’t have been a more beautiful purpose.

Another reason why this wedding was WAY better than anyone else’s was that we all got to laugh during the ceremony, and on Heidi and Derek’s account. With Heidi’s crumpled up vows shoved in her bra to Derek’s notecards tucked into his black-and-white striped sock, to Thomas sitting next to us asking his grandmother, “who’s that lady?” regarding just about every woman in the ceremony. And when the groomsmen donned their camo bandannas – that was cute. As was the semi-colon. Also, my mom is wondering what the song was that played during the video – she really liked it.

Then Kristine, Libby and I ventured out to Longbranch, and while I was driving, I started to again realize how long it took to get out there. I mean, it took a hella long time. And on the way there, we were following slow people, going about 40 mph. Come on! There are no cops, and the speed limit was 45. Nobody honestly drives the speed limit out that far on the KP. But the Improvement Club looked so pretty. I hadn’t been there for about 3 years, since the last time I was apart of Santa’s workshop with Girl Scouts. Mom and Wendy did such a good job making a blank canvas of a wood building into a reception hall. It was the perfect size. I had wished that someone had cut the string to let down the balloons and Zots in the tied-up sheet above the dance floor. At one point, when Libby and I were dancing right underneath it, I was worried that they’d cut it then, but no one had cut it by the time we left at 8:30.

The food was also another reason why Heidi and Derek’s wedding kicked ass above the other weddings. I won’t name names, but I’d prefer to choose what I put on my plate, and I’d prefer to know what kind of meat I’m eating. Buffet style is the best, by far. And tasty meatballs are always nice. Libby and I couldn’t find anything to drink but alcohol and water though and Libby actually said that the water (which was well water) tasted like blood. It was iron. She hates water by itself anyway, which is bad. I love water. And iron-y water doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

Also, Derek’s brothers Rick and Trevor are pretty much the best toast-givers ever. Nothing too sappy, or pretentious, or drunk, or lame. I thoroughly enjoyed them fighting over who was the “best man.”

And one more reason – music is key. At least for me. That will be the first thing that I take care of at my wedding, in about ten years or so. I’ve been to many weddings, but none of them included the odd, but fantastic mixture of hip-hop, alternative, swing, and Michael Jackson. I don’t like listening to a constant playlist of country-country-80’s hair metal-country-country-slow song. Blah. Blah. Blah. If we can get Vampire Weekend, Britney Spears and T.I. in there, I’m good.

And it was all good. Everything about it. Conga lines, meatballs, mother’s frosted animal cookies, drunken relatives, 62-year-married grandparents, and semi-colons and all. I love you guys.

Now I’m really looking forward to what I can do at my wedding. Whenever it may be.

(Oh, and I’ll be sure to be back tomorrow, cause…uh…IT’S FREAKING INAUGURATION DAY!)

Band of Horses – Marry Song

❤ Abby


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