This feels oddly familiar

10 Jan

I stumbled upon the most random piece of information today. I was browsing ONTD and I found out that Alex Band…

from The Calling is coming out with a solo album this year.

I know that probably sounds uber unimportant to the normal person, but back in 7th and 8th grade, I was OBSESSED WITH THE CALLING AND ALEX BAND. I mean, I was as obsessed with them as I am with WAS now, only now I am an adult. But I saw them live. I did, really.

It was my 3rd concert ever.

Well, kind of.

My first concert was Big Freakin Deal 1 in like…1998, when I went to see Edwin McCain, along with Better than Ezra and Meredith Brooks – yeah, the lady who sang that “I’m a Bitch” song…my sister was 6. It’s so ludicrous to think about. Concert number 2 was NSYNC when I was in the 4th grade at the Key Arena…again with my Mom. In the 8th grade was when I saw the Calling at Big Freakin Deal 4, along with Daniel Bedingfield (Natasha’s less talented brother), Mario (no, not Luigi’s brother), BBMak (I think they were Irish), Michelle Branch (I still like her, BTW), Avril Lavigne (when she still thought she was “complicated”), Shaggy (the who “made love on the bathroom floor”), O-Town (of the first season of Making the Band, and even more manufactured than NSYNC), and freaking P. Diddy (not Puff Daddy, or Puffy, or Diddy, or Sean “Diddy” Combs). There really were than many people who played. And all I wanted to see was the Calling. Libby and Courtney wanted to see Avril Lavigne, so our whole families had to go.

Seriously. The entire families, sans padres. And my best friend at the time. I’m pretty sure there were 8 of us. That one was at Qwest Field, before it was actually called Qwest Field.

The last 4 concerts have been sans parentals. Deck the Hall Ball in ’04. Keane in ’05. I’m pretty sure The Killers were also in ’05 too. Bumbershoot ’07 was the next concert we went to. And then WAS this last July, which was FANTASTIC. We had some shows at SMU last year, like Raining Jane and such, but those don’t count. They were free.

But back to my original reason for this post. I was fucking obsessed with The Calling. I was apart of the street team, and I was literally going online every day to see if I could find old and rare tracks, back then on Limewire. Then my computer died.

After that initial year of obsession, they kind of fell off the face of the earth, until they came out with a new album in ’04, very non-creatively titled Two, which wasn’t nearly as good as Camino Palmero, their first disc in ’01.

And now, I’m online, minding my own business, blog-surfing, and I find this ironic piece of information telling me that this singer that I was ABSOLUTELY in love with when I was a tween has a solo album coming out this year, and that he’s appearing on an episode of CSI:NY this week. I probably would have missed his appearance had I not found this out. And what’s really weird was that this was when I first thought I wanted a tattoo.

You see, Alex Band has kokopelli on his wrist…

See. And after I saw that, I was like “OMG I want that tattoo!”

I was a tween, alright. Although, it’s kind of cool thinking about how back then, I still didn’t like shitty music. I wasn’t hip, but I like to think that I had a better taste in music since I liked The Calling. Heck, I like to think that I have a pretty good taste in music now. And a pretty British one, at that. I want to go to London so badly.

Maybe it was because the first CDs that my mom ever bought me were – seriously – Matchbox 20’s “Yourself or someone like you” and the Indigo Girls’ “Rites of Passage,” and I still listen to them today. The Indigo Girls more so than Matchbox 20. But my mom got me into good music before I ever got the inclination to ask for an NSYNC CD. The next year, I got the NSYNC Christmas album, but hey. I got imprinted with good taste at a very young age, and I think that if I ever have children, I’ll try to do that as well. I’ll get to them before Viacom does. Parents beat out the media, any day.

This post went into a weird direction, one that I wasn’t intending on. But This Is A Tangent.

Matchbox Twenty – 3 AM
I tried uploading more songs, but the internet’s being stupid. Maybe I’ll attach and Indigo Girls song in the next couple days, and then something by The Calling.

❤ Abby


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