Sedentary jetlag

7 Jan

Libby’s been suffering from jetlag the last few days. Mostly because she’s been going to bed and waking up 3 hours later than she’s been used to.

Seriously, we’ve been going to sleep at 2 am and waking up at 10 am the entire break. It’s pretty lame how Libby has jetlag, and we didn’t even go anywhere.

I’m not sure what to say about today. First of all, when I was getting gas this morning, as I was pulling out of the bay of gas pumps, this guy opened his door right as I was passing by him. So now I have a crack and dent in the front bumper of my car.

And this time, it wasn’t my fault. His door has absolutely no mark, at least that I could see. So I instigated the exchanging of insurance information, since I was the one who actually got some damage done to my car. He didn’t even want to exchange information, probably because he saw that I was kind of scared and upset. But I surprised myself in taking the responsibility in getting his information. But now Dad is going to call him. LAME. Along with leaving a dent in my bumper, I was late to the Ledger meeting. I had to follow unnecessarily slow drivers over the bridge. And at that point, I didn’t even see the point in driving over to UWT, but I wanted to see how our cop-out issue turned out. I honestly think we should have labeled it.

Eight fucking pages. LAME.

After my terribly eventful morning, my afternoon was in quite contrast. I went to the bank to deposit some old paychecks, and I totally didn’t realize that I had over $700 in checks sitting on my dresser. It was nice to know that I now have over $2 grand in my account. It’s very comforting. It’s also comforting to know that people actually want to buy my old textbooks. I’ve sold seven so far on Amazon. Pretty badass, I know. I started with 18, now I have 11. Now all I have to sell is my guitar, and Mom and Dad’s old manual camera lenses.

They told my I could. They’re not going to use them for anything.

I like selling things, because it means that I have less crap in my room, and more money for crap that I actually need. Not books like “Seeking God,” for my freshman orientation class last year. Like I’ll need that ever again. Or any sort of math textbook. I will never need any math textbook outside of one math class that I still need to take in the next year. Damnit. I hate math.

Oh, here’s something I watched today. I watched the recorded Ben & Ben At the Movies on our DVR today. I hate Ben Lyons. I cannot stand him. I know that I’m not such a seasoned critic, but neither is he! The only reason he got into reviewing films is because his dad is Jeffrey Lyons, also a film critic. There’s no reason why he should be on that couch every sunday night. Mankiewicz isn’t so great either. He didn’t even have The Dark Knight on the list of the year’s best films. It always seems like Ben Lyons is kissing Hollywood’s ass. Ugh. I really don’t like him.

I’m eating dinner now.

From the Nightmare Revisited. It’s awesome.

❤ Abby


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