Back to school

5 Jan

Why, yes…it is that day again. I’m a little upset that SMU didn’t start today, so I can’t go see my friends tomorrow, to make the day more productive than just driving over for the Ledger meeting.

But oh well.

I never actually got around to posting my New Year’s resolution(s).

I never completely succeed in resolving these acts, but I hope to this year. I’ve heard some funny ones though. Adrian resolved to not listen to WAS for a WHOLE MONTH. I’m not sure if I’d be able to do that, but my resolutions are a little more goal oriented, less restrictive.

1) To finish my damn book.
2) To be more active.
3) To keep my GPA above a 3.0. I narrowly accomplished that last quarter, with a 3.07. So hopefully I can keep that up. Sadly, I didn’t receive any solid As, only one A-, and a couple Bs.

I do like starting a new year, but what makes me sad is that with certain things, that month of bliss disappeared and went right back to the way it was before. Friends go back to school. Classes re-commence. I still haven’t applied for a fucking job. Shit. I need to do that this week. I am glad though that with the new year, I’m done with Petco, and in just over 2 weeks’ time, we will have a new president.


Fifteen days from now.

I’ve been counting…well, I’ve basically been counting since 2004.

But fifteen fucking days! There’s no way that he can screw anything up now. I swear George has had senioritis for all of 2008.

January has been a good month so far. And I think it will be a good month overall. At least, I hope it is. I got to see my friends for one last time before they go off to college again; I got to reunite with fellow Outlook alumni and catch up; I’ve been gaining some skills on the Wii; and I’ve started my book up again.

I forgot to write about the Outlook reunion the other day! Damn!

I don’t really feel like writing about it too much, besides, I gotta go to class soon. To put it simply – it was awesome.

Here’s a song:
We Are Scientists – Hoppipolla (Sigur Ros Acoustic cover)
That one’s a pretty good one.

❤ Abby


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