The Boy With The Purple Socks.

4 Jan

I seriously just watched Harriet the Spy. It was in our DVR on ABC Family.

I have to tell you that Harriet the Spy changed my life. As ridiculous as that sounds, it’s true. My best friend in the third grade got it for her birthday and after that, we never stopped writing. We got little notebooks and wandered around her neighborhood, writing everything down.

I don’t speak to her anymore, basically just because we went to different schools and never saw each other. Sometimes I think about it, and it makes me upset to think that I let distance and convenience destroy a friendship. Now that I look back, I can see how much we’ve both changed…well, I haven’t changed all that much. She didn’t either. But when you get older, people develop specific personalities and hobbies. When you’re ten years old, there’s only so much stuff you can be interested it. So everyone has lots of things in common. Now, small changes make much more of a difference in who you hang out with.

Honestly, if hadn’t known her when we were little and we went to the same high school, I wouldn’t even want to hang out with her.

It makes me sad.

But it makes me happy to think that because of her, in some bizarre way, I started writing, and I kept writing, and I’m still writing.

Because of my childhood best friend and Harriet the Spy.

I still have a few of those notebooks in a box under my house, along with my 5th grade yearbook and all my New York paraphernalia from the 8th grade – like my Metrocard and my Hairspray playbook – and I like to look that them sometimes. I should write more frequently in an actual notebook today, but in this day and age, I’ve resorted to blogging.

It’s kind of half-assing though, because in a notebook, you can really write anything you want, with no fear of retribution. Well, not quite in Harriet’s case, but with a blog, someone will still read it. And as I like to be read frequently, I have a feed to this blog on my Facebook page. My friends read my words, and sometimes I get random comments from people I don’t know, so I know that some people read this.

Being read is basically the first step in becoming a great writer. That was Harriet’s view. She wanted to be the editor of the sixth grade newspaper, so that more than Marian Hawthorne’s ideas could be heard. And when she proposed that someone else be the editor, the boy with the purple socks nominated her, because he thought that “Harriet’s a very good writer and… if we only listen to one person’s opinion we may never get anywhere new. But Harriet might have something very original and I’d like to read what she has to write.”

I loved The Boy With The Purple Socks.

Although, a mayonnaise and tomato sandwich doesn’t sound very tasty still.

Um, I’ll find a song…just a sec….
There! I found one! Does it Offend you, yeah? – With a heavy heart (I regret to inform you)
This was my favorite new UK band of the year. I can listen to their songs over and over again. And they are fantastic to dance to.

❤ Abby


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