I really need to stop blogging at the wee hours of the morning

2 Jan

I feel like I need to get more of a life, because I’m honestly getting too into the web. I’m losing the real world in all these “series of t00bs” and I’m afraid that I may lose my identity.

Ugh. It may have just been because two weeks ago, I was stuck at my house, and I was forced to peek into my screen at the world, rather than out my window because the snow distorted my view of it. Once school starts though and I actually have shit to do, I’ll be more focused and less…um…online.

And now, of course, I’ll have the Wii to play. I’m so excited now that I can get good at Smash Bros. It’s fantastic.

Completely going back to what I was saying before about losing the real world – I’m afraid that someone I know may be losing reality. And replacing it with dilusion.

This band is so awesome. They came to SMU last year and the audience consisted of my friends and I, and about 10 other people. BTW, they’re playing a sitar on this track.

Raining Jane – Browntown

❤ Abby


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