I’m so ashamed and horrified…

1 Dec

…that this student is technically from my alma mater.

The Daily Article on Gay Marriage

I mean…wow. Seriously? I’m so glad that my paper is full of educated, open-minded, liberal journalists who know when not to share their opinion. I’m honestly embarrassed that this came from a UW paper. Even though it isn’t mine.

Once you click on that link, which you will do, please read some of the comments, because there are about 370 of them, and they’re mostly angry. They’re mostly angry at the fact that John Fay’s article is the worst example of a slippery slope argument, and it’s a perfect example of how unfounded the argument for the other side is. The entire argument for prop 8 is a fucking slippery slope.

And what’s worse is the art that goes along with the article. I’ll share it here with you just to make my point.


This saddens me. Because this is what people think that voted for prop 8. And they’re all idiots. They’re morons and homophobes and bigots. I may seem like I’m overgeneralizing here, but hey…they’re fucking overgeneralizing facts that they’ve inferred. I’m at least making stereotypes from situations that have actually happened.

I’m making a point.

John Fay’s article is not only homophobic, but incredibly poorly written. Any person who’s learned how to write a good argument can see that he doesn’t back up his facts and uses unrelated examples…and you may be thinking, “but Abby, this is an opinions article.”

Yes. It’s an opinions article. But on a topic that’s extremely heated right now, and makes people really emotional. If you were writing about 1-985, the Washington initiative that opens up carpool lanes during certain hours of rush hour, then you could easily have left out certain facts to help make your point. You could use more witty commentary to make your point. But transportation laws don’t offend people. This offends people.

This offends me.

Yes, I am a female who just happens to be attracted to the opposite sex, but I have plenty of friends who aren’t. And if I wasn’t able to attend my friends’ weddings in the future because of people like John Fay, that saddens me.

But on a happier note, the Stranger paid close attention to this article and they just published a very tiny detail in their latest issue referring to it. On the edge of the cover of every issue, the Stranger publishes a short phrase relating to some current issue. After Obama won, the phrase said “yes we did.” And this week’s says “hobosexuality is an emotional condition,” mocking the line in the Daily article that says “homosexuality is more of an emotional condition.”

An emotional condition?


Wow. I don’t think I’ll ever trust the Daily again. Because of the article, and the art that went along with it.

It’s disgusting.

❤ Abby


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