I need people to stop telling me…

24 Nov

That I need to read these damn books.

I read a little of Twilight.

Now that would be useless to read, since I saw the movie.

I just glanced through a few pages of Breaking Dawn. It sits on my kitchen table where Libby left it.

And I hate to say that I still don’t want to read the other books.


Why don’t I want to read the other books, even though I loved Harry Potter?

Stop comparing Harry Potter with Twilight.

They are not one in the same.


Because J.K. Rowling is a writer, an amazing writer. And Stephanie Meyer decided that one day after she had a dream, that she’d write a PG rated book about vampire love. That’s it. What I see in the books and hear from my sister about the parts that I didn’t read, are gimmicks to make the book more interesting. The switch from Jacob’s POV from Bella’s, the three months of nothingness in New Moon. J.K. didn’t have to do that. She had a self-sustaining story, enough to fill 7 huge books.

Another huge difference between Harry Potter and the Twilight series–STUFF HAPPENS IN HARRY POTTER. I’d rather not sit through hundreds of pages of angsty Bella thoughts. I like shit happening. And yes, maybe some stuff happened in Twilight, but it was so void of dialogue and actual stuff, that they had to add things to the movie to make it longer. With Harry Potter, they had to CUT SHIT OUT. Because so much STUFF HAPPENED.

It’s not that I’m against first-person POV. I love first person POV, but make it witty, and have voice. Bella’s voice is nothing more than Stephanie Meyer’s voice, but in first person. She didn’t transform her language or rhetoric very much. I just wish that people would let me like the books that I like, and leave it at that. I can be subjective. PEOPLE ARE SUBJECTIVE. They like certain things. Personally, I don’t like so much whiny stream of consciousness. I hate Hemingway. I like it when things happen. I like Snow Falling on Cedars. Catch-22. And the entire Jessica Darling series. If you want to read a good series about angsty teenagers, read Sloppy Firsts, Second Helpings, Charmed Thirds, Fourth Comings, and the yet-to-be-released Perfect Fifths. I know, the titles are a little cheesy. But the books aren’t.

So yes, I liked the movie. And no, I didn’t like what I read of the books, so I won’t read the rest.

Let it go.

❤ Abby


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