Greatest singers my ass

18 Nov

I’m a music geek. I like good music. I don’t listen to music just for great voices. I listen to it for great songwriters, great musicians, and normally great voices are the last of my worries. They have to be able to carry a tune though. But Rolling Stone is being a little biased here. They just released their list of the 100 greatest singers of all time. And Bob Dylan is in the top ten, above Freddie Mercury and Robert Plant. Lou Reed and Iggy Pop are above Steve Perry, and Prince is below Prince. Now, I’m not saying that all of those people are good musicians, they are, but RS clearly missed the point. Stevie Nicks and Annie Lennox are down in the 90s and Kurt Cobain is number 45. I love Nirvana. I do, but Kurt couldn’t sing for crap. The thing that people loved about his voice is the depth and emotion.

Thom Yorke is an anomaly though. I’m not sure if 66 is a fair number for him. Radiohead is great band, one the best bands to come out of the 90s, but in terms of sheer vocal talent, not sure if Thom Yorke belongs at number 66 when Ann Wilson was completely omitted. Seriously?

Some other snubbs include Eddie Vedder, Ella Fitzgerald, and I can’t really think of other ones right now, but the whole list of bullshit.

I say, my list of the top 20 best singers are:::

1. Freddie Mercury
2. Nina Simone
3. Sam Cooke
4. Ray Charles
5. Ella Fitzgerald
6. Annie Lennox
7. Robert Plant
8. Tina Turner
9. Aretha Franklin
10. Bono
11. Janis Joplin
12. Stevie Nicks
13. Otis Redding
14. Jeff Buckley
15. Bjork
16. Stevie Wonder
17. Jim Morrison
18. Michael Jackson
19. Johnny Cash
20. Joe Cocker

So yeah, we rock.

❤ Abby


One Response to “Greatest singers my ass”

  1. Patrick R 11/21/2008 at 10:21 pm #

    I dunno, Abby. Thom Yorke has a pretty amazing voice, I’d say. I mean, his range is so huge. Like in Paranoid Android. That’d be a hard song to sing. Listening to him right now, I realize just how much he sounds like the guy from Muse–which kind of bugs me, since Radiohead is infinitely greater than Muse. Did the Muse guy get on the list? He’s a good singer too.

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