You know what’s awesome?

17 Nov


I’m so proud of Seattle. I can’t express my sheer joy at the fact that almost 6000 people showed up to the Prop 8 rally and march yesterday. Sadly enough, I couldn’t march because my car was parked outside Volunteer Park. But when Sarah and I arrived at the park at 10 am, and soon after, a whole buttload of people starting to fill up the park, including gay people, straight people, children and tons of dogs. There were at least 3 horse-sized Great Danes and a cute little Boston terrier who practically cleaned my face. I can honestly say that I’ve never felt such a communal spirit. I loved it.

I liked her enthusiasm.

Sarah and I made signs on friday night, but we didn’t have to. They actually had a table where you could make signs in the park. It was so amazing to see all those people there, all because prop 8 lit a fire under their butt about marriage equality rights. I’m so happy that people are smart. I’m so glad that people stand up for what they believe. And I’m so glad that I live in Washington. Seattle–you rock. You rock because some lady welcomed the protester marching down West Lake naked on her apartment balcony. Because there were nearly no counter protesters. Because the cops helped the rallyers down the street, not kept them from marching.

I love Seattle. I swear, when I get done with school, I’m trying everything that I can to move there, without going bankrupt.

Sarah and I literally sat at an intersection on West Lake for 25 minutes, taking pictures of protesters and waving in support. I just wished that we could have stayed, but we would have gotten lost walking back up to Volunteer Park, and it was a long walk back. And plus, I had to pee really bad. And I had to be back to the school to work on the paper, which I did, and that photo of the kids, with the little sad-looking girl, is the fucking front page photo. Boo yeah.

I’m pretty proud of myself. And I’m proud of everything who attended the rally.

Oh goodness it was awesome.


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