Fuck you, California. Seriously.

6 Nov

Why did you have to bring me down? Seriously? You voted for Obama! You gave him 55 electoral votes!

And now you have to go and do this?

What the fuck?

Damn you Catholics!

Do they understand what the fuck they’re doing? They’re invalidating all of the gay marriages that have taken place in California up until now. They’re retroactively fucking all the already-married people.

It says that the people who attend church weekly voted an overwhelming 84% yes on Prop 8. Seriously? How ignorant and outdated do you have to be? That’s 84 out of 100 church-going people who voted to BAN GAY MARRIAGE IN CALIFORNIA! There’s obviously a correlation between the two.

Separation of goddamn church and state people! And you know what? A huge majority of the funding for the yes on prop. 8 campaign came from the MORMONS! They’re a fucking religion! This is politics. Government. Hey, Jesus freaks, keep your noses out of politics and keep them in your fucking Bibles!

I was listening to Adam Carrolla this morning, and he had a gay comedy duo on this morning who shared their side of the story. This guy Mark called in saying that he supported gay marriage, but he’s afraid that if the bill wasn’t passed, that the gay lifestyle would be taught in schools. Seriously? At what age do we learn about marriage? I don’t ever remember learning about marriage and weddings in 1st grade. He and millions of others got fucking scared by the propaganda put on television by the fucking Mormons. Equal rights=making 6-year-olds gay? No. It makes no sense, and people shouldn’t have gotten so freaked out by the possibility of seeing two guys or two girls on top of wedding cake.

This just makes me so mad, if you haven’t noticed yet, because I was so happy after tuesday. I was so happy with the outcome of the presidential election. We’ve made a huge step in history, but this is a step backwards. This is a step back to 2000, when Californians voted by a 61% margin to ban gay marriage and the Supreme Court overturned it. I just wish that it will do the same this time, because this is exactly what shouldn’t be passed. We’ve have the first black president, but now in one of the most progressive states in the union, we’ve gone back to discrimination. I’m just glad that we have a governor that’s all for gay rights, because I know that if Washington were ever to get a bill like that onto the ballot, she would work as hard as she could to make sure that it didn’t get passed. And I don’t think that a majority of Washingtonians would vote to pass it anyway. I just kinda wish that I was in California today, protesting with all the gays and the straight allies like myself who think that this is a terrible decision and needs to be overturned, because it’s a right decided by the constitution, not by the Bible that so many people believe is the final word of God.

People, get a clue. It’s not. He didn’t write it. Believe things for yourself, not by what some guys wrote down thousands of years ago, talking about some shit about Adam and Eve and the serpent who gave Eve an apple and it made her sinful. Seriously?


That’s all I have to say. Science.

And science supports the fact that it’s determined at birth if you’re gay or not. It’s not a choice one simply makes because they want to be different or they want to rebel against their parents.

If you don’t support gay marriage, then shut the fuck up and don’t get one.

Oh, and fuck you Arkansas and Oklahoma too. Arkansas passed an initiative that prohibited “unmarried partners” (AKA GAY LIFE PARTNERS) from adopting children or serving as foster parents. And Oklahoma reelected Sally Kern, that crazy hatemonger senator who said earlier this year that the gays were more dangerous that Bin Laden. “I honestly think it’s the biggest threat our nation has, even more so than terrorism or Islam. . .” Seriously? Fuck her.

❤ Abby


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