Oh my god

5 Nov

I didn’t think this could happen. My Mom was getting more and more anxious every single day leading up to yesterday, but I happened.

We did it.

Yes we did.

I can tell future generations that I voted for the first African American President. I really can. My Mom kept telling me how much all the democrats of her generation had been waiting for our generation to turn 18. And we finally made a difference. And it’s one of the most surreal feelings I’ve ever had. I don’t know whether or not to pinch myself, cry, wake up, or celebrate. I could possibly do all things at once, but that would take a lot of coordination.

And it’s not like we had to wait a long time to get all the results. At 8:01, the news came back from commercial and it said on the screen “Barack Obama, 44th Elected President.” No words. Just cheers from the millions of people around the world. For like 2 minutes, that’s all it was on the television, cheering and the banner across the television. I just sat in awe at what I just witnessed.


I witnessed history, and it’s amazing.

I forgot all about the fact that I’d locked my keys in my car earlier that day, with them still in the ignition and the radio on. And I called AAA and I cried.

I want to see the look on my cousins’ faces about this. All of my relatives in Minnesota are pretty much furious right now, except for Melissa of course. I don’t particularly want to see my grandfather right now, because he’d be all cantankerous dopey. But that’ how old men are.

I’m so happy right now. I honestly think that the only thing that could bring me down at all is if I failed my Comm midterm. That would be bad. But it’s highly unlikely, since I got someone to help study with me who took the class last year, and she got an A- on her midterm. Please let me get a good grade.


Let this week be 3 for 3. I keep my job. Check. Obama wins election. Check. I get a decent grade on my midterm. Check? (And emphasis the upturn on the last sound).

Now all we have to do is wait for the final votes for Governor. Lots of news stations have already called it for Gregoire, but we learned from last time that we can’t wait until ALL THE VOTES ARE COUNTED. I don’t want the state to make any mistakes. Oh, and the Darcy Burner/Dave Reichert race needs to be settled. That’s a big one.

So, this is the first time that something happy happened in politics. I can’t remember the last time that I was happy with government.

All I can say is…


❤ Abby


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