It’s November 1st.

2 Nov

It sure is, and that means that I vote in three days. Three days and the country will change. I’m just so anxious to get it over with to get on with our lives as a new country. Yesterday will truly be yesterday, and it will be the beginning of tomorrow. I honestly get overwhelmed sometimes when I think about it, I get overwhelmed with emotion about what will happen.

What might happen.

What should happen.

What will happen.

How can people not honestly be inspired by what’s going on right now in this very time that we’re living in? I don’t understand sometimes how people can be so heartless and unfortunate. It’s sad that such a large part of our nation can’t see the wonderment that is today. How they can think that we’re “fake America” and they’re “real America?”

Real America?

Aren’t we all Real Americans?

We live here, don’t we?

We have the same rights…or at least we should.

I just can’t wait for tuesday. It just sucks that it’s after monday, which happens to be my comm midterm.

Obama ’08!

❤ Abby


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