Halloween ha’nins

2 Nov

The facts were these:

So, last night after I got home from doing layout, I got dressed. I put on my cute striped knee-highs and my black dress, the incredibly comfortable velvet cape, my ginormous witch hat and got ready for the trick-or-treaters.

That was at 5:30.

No kids.

That was at 6:00.

No kids.

That was at 7:30.

Finally, at 7:40, a group of kids came to the door to collect their tasty treats. Of course, Millie lunged at the door and barked at the little children, but they got their candy and went along on their merry way. But in the next hour, probably only about 20 kids came to the door, and most of them came in groups of 2 or more. Never before have I sat at my house with nothing to do for so long on Halloween. It was quite sad, really. Thank God Laura came over and we gussied her up too. She borrowed my kimono and we made her up as a geisha. She actually looked the part too. I was pretty proud of myself for doing her makeup and such. But anyway, she was going to go kidnap Ian from his house, but he was working, so we couldn’t kidnap him from work at the Inn. But we did go deliver candy to his family and chat with his parentals and Connor for awhile. And we grabbed a bag o’candy from home and delivered some to my work, since they were stuck working on Halloween. And did I say that we were in our costumes in all of this? Well, we were. Janelle was a punk rocker, which was funny to see; Dana had some clever devil horns on, Annette was just leaving, and Roger didn’t dress up. I kinda wanted to everyone in a costume, but we brought him some candy nonetheless. I felt really bad that I wasn’t closing with him last night, since I normally do on fridays. I had the whole weekend off to work on the paper.

I really hope that Darrell and Mary talked about my schedule clusterfuck.

So, Halloween was an interesting night. Or maybe not quite so interesting.

❤ Abby


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