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I feel a little better

16 Aug

I think I just freaked out the other day. Being around a certain situation got to my head, and now, after being at work for 3 days this week and class for two, it’s brought me back down to earth. I’m no longer worried.

And I want to go bowling.

I really do. I think I will tomorrow, after Ryan and I go to Play Buffet in Tacoma. I get to see Yoshiko again! Maybe I can take Ryan bowling too. Mom has free tickets that she got at the PHS auction last year. That way, I don’t have to pay for ANYTHING. I have my own shoes and my own ball. Free night out, boo yeah!

So if anyone feels like going, get your own ride, because my car’s full. Sort of.

My boss is hilarious. Not hilarious in the sense that she has a wicked sense of humor and genius comedic timing. No, my boss is a grown mother of two, and she still acts like she’s 14 years old. Today, she comes up to me and says, “Abby, you were here wednesday and thursday, right?” I said. “I was here thursday, why?” “Well, I’ve heard and… are people talking bad about me?”


Is this high school?

No, this is Petco.

Petco, where I have to have my manager check my purse for stolen items before I leave because of a stupid mistake that one of our former employees made. She shoplifted something, hid it in the garbage, and later when she went to go take that garbage out, she tried to steal it. How desperate do you have to be to try to sneak something from a pet store out in a trash bag?

Pretty darn.

So now we’re just short of a freaking frisking before we leave for lunch.

It’s hilarious.

And not hilarious in the ROFLMAO way, but in the WTF way.

❤ Abby