I really was just bitter

12 Jul

I don’t want to sound like I’m being a cop out, but I guess I should just say it now…

I didn’t mean everything I said 3 blogs ago, the one titled “Not to sound bitter or anything.” I was bitter and hostile and jealous. I was jealous that Nick gets to do everything I want to do. I kinda felt the exact same way that I did in high school, comparing the Apple Leaf to the Outlook, but I shouldn’t dwell on the past.

Nick, you’re lucky, and I wished that I had the opportunities that you have. I wish that I had the chance to get heard on a larger scale, but this is what I have, and I try to use it as strategically as I can.

But just to keep my own dignity, I still think that our journalistic abilities are equally strong. The only thing that I don’t have going for me is my location. Gig Harbor doesn’t really have a lot of opportunities.

Sorry for calling you a d-bag.

❤ Abby


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