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I really was just bitter

12 Jul

I don’t want to sound like I’m being a cop out, but I guess I should just say it now…

I didn’t mean everything I said 3 blogs ago, the one titled “Not to sound bitter or anything.” I was bitter and hostile and jealous. I was jealous that Nick gets to do everything I want to do. I kinda felt the exact same way that I did in high school, comparing the Apple Leaf to the Outlook, but I shouldn’t dwell on the past.

Nick, you’re lucky, and I wished that I had the opportunities that you have. I wish that I had the chance to get heard on a larger scale, but this is what I have, and I try to use it as strategically as I can.

But just to keep my own dignity, I still think that our journalistic abilities are equally strong. The only thing that I don’t have going for me is my location. Gig Harbor doesn’t really have a lot of opportunities.

Sorry for calling you a d-bag.

❤ Abby


A vid from wednesday’s show.

12 Jul

I didn’t shoot this vid, because I was stupid enough not to bring any camera but my phone. I’m a dumbass. But this is my favorite We Are Scientists song. And I was basically in the same line of sight as the guy who recorded this, but a little bit closer.

You can go to this person’s Youtube from the link at the end of the video and check out some of their other songs (i.e. Chick Lit, This Scene is Dead, Tonight, etc.)

❤ Abby