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What’s The Word? Craig T. Nelson!

11 Jul

(This is my official review of the show last night. >.<)

I’m a Science nerd. I’m not extraordinary at physics and I’m not a biochemistry major.

No, I’m a diehard fan of We Are Scientists. And really, in the scheme of things, they are scientists. Science can be the answer to almost every question because the definition of science is as follows: an activity that appears to require study and method.

Yeah, so science has many different definitions, but it’s as open-ended of a work as art. And last night’s We Are Scientists show at Neumos can be defined as either, but however you define it, please don’t define it as a disappointment.

My sister and I drove all the way from Gig Harbor to Seattle, myself skipping class and my sister staying out late before volleyball practice the next morning, but when we arrived in Capital Hill, we knew we were in the right place.

Neumos is a small club, and it being my first show there, I was in a little bit of a culture shock, seeing that the smallest concert I’d ever been too was outside at Bumbershoot last year. There were a few girls waiting outside, who told us when we arrived, “are you in line? Because if you cut us, oh boy, because we’ve been in line all day.” We noticed that after awhile, they didn’t really need to get there that early to get a good spot. Once the place started filling up, anywhere you stood had a nice view. Neumos lacked air conditioning, but that’s really the only bad thing I can say about the venue.

Now onto the music. Time didn’t really seem to be on these people’s minds, seeing that The Morning Benders didn’t start until 9:30, and between each band, it took about a half an hour to set up. It was about 11:30 by the time We Are Scientists got to start, but the build-up to the headliners were actually very good. I was not disappointed in the least.

The Morning Benders, a foursome from San Francisco, started off their set with a very energetic sound, and even though they looked as old I was, they seemed incredibly at ease on stage with their matching Telecasters labeled “Britney Spears.” I never got what that meant, actually. They transitioned smoothly from song to song, getting the crowd ready for some dance numbers such as “Waiting for a War” and “Loose Change” where my favorite was “Wasted Time” a groovy song that almost sounded like an homage to The Doors, “Riders on the Storm” with its ominous hook. They were a gracious crew, repeatedly thanking Keith and Chris of W.A.S. for taking them on this rather short U.S. tour, all 4 gigs.

The second band up, New Zealand’s Cut off Your Hands, kept the energy going with their slightly more hyped up sound than The Morning Benders. The funny thing was that when they mentioned that they were from New Zealand, someone from the crowd shouted out “Flight of the Conchords!” And they replied “It’s weird, because they aren’t even that big in New Zealand.” Now I have a new Kiwi band to like. They reminded me a little bit of Does in Offend You, Yeah? only without the electro part. Frontman Nick Johnston embraced the tiny room and I’m pretty sure I caught a bit of his perspiration as he banged on his own timpany drum in front of the mic. Even though the room kept getting exponentially warmer, I still enjoyed both opening bands, but I wished that Cut off Your Hands hadn’t gotten cut off. No pun intended.

Needless to say, the wait for W.A.S. wasn’t as bad as I’d expected. My sister kept mentioning how cute the guys in the opening bands were anyway. A little eye candy is always good.

But once we thought that We Are Scientists were going to start, they didn’t. Their roadie came and checked the mics. And they didn’t start. The roadie got their water bottles out. And they didn’t start. The roadie pre-opened the water bottles. And they didn’t start. The roadie tucked some guitar picks into the mic stands and taped the playlists to the floor. And they still didn’t start.

It was about as annoying waiting for them as it was for you just reading that last paragraph.

It wasn’t until about 45 minutes after Cut off Your Hands left the stage that Keith, Chris, Max and Adam got on stage. But after they did, I forgot all about the fact that it was almost midnight and my sister had to wake up early in the morning, because I finally got to see that band I’d come to see.

The boys jumped right into their set with “Nobody Move, Nobody Gets Hurt,” and moved smoothly into “Chick Lit,” with a tiny “Thank you” in between songs. The one thing that We Are Scientists had above the other bands…well, two things–Keith and Chris. Keith kept the crowd dancing along with his writhing about the tiny stage with his Fender Telecaster, whereas Chris brought on the laughs. “Craig T. Nelson!” was the first thing that he shouted. “I was a little surprised when you guys didn’t get more excited when I yelled out Craig T. Nelson.” And then went into some witty banter about the show “Coach” and how it was apparently taped in Seattle. Chris was very intent on making us believe that “Coach” was taped in Seattle, as he was on making us believe that the Internet was originally created as a fan network for Webster fans in the military.

Of course Chris, of course it was.

No matter, that’s what makes W.A.S….W.A.S. They double as comedians as well as great musicians.

But the most memorable part of the night came towards the end, my legs were starting to get weak from dancing, and Keith decided during “Textbook” that he was going to jump right into the crowd and sing with them. And who was standing right where Keith jumped down? None other than muah. Yes, I was right there when Keith entered the crowd, and I danced and sang along and went crazy.

It was pretty much amazing. I’m not gonna lie. I have a ridiculous girl crush.

So Keith made his way through the crowd and the boys got onto the last few songs. They ended strongly with my favorite song, “It’s a Hit,” “Lethal Enforcer” and “The Great Escape,” another of their singles from “With Love and Squalor.” I did notice that they did play more songs from “Squalor” even though this tour’s promoting “Brain Thrust Mastery.” I didn’t mind, however, since I like “Squalor” better. Nothing against “Brain Thrust Mastery” though. I would have liked to hear “Be My Baby,” which W.A.S. mostly plays at larger shows in the UK, but that’s alright, because I feel like I got my money’s worth and more. I just wish that they would be more embraced in America, because then I wouldn’t have to wait another 3 years to see them again.

But even though their fanbase isn’t very large in the U.S., it’s a very devoted fanbase. A very devoted fanbase with a lot of patience and who don’t suffer from heat stroke very easily. That shows devotion.

As I was leaving the show, my new “I Are Scientists” shirt in hand, the endorphins still running rampant in my body, I was wondrously satisfied with my first show at Neumos. As long as it took them to start the show and as warm as it got inside the building, I wouldn’t have changed anything. It’s all apart of a “show.” You’re intimate with the band and they get to see how much fun you’re having. I’ll most definitely be coming back for other shows, and I’ll most definitely be anxiously waiting for the next time We Are Scientists come to Seattle.

It’s just too bad that I’m an english major and not a science major. Now I’ll have to explain the “I Are Scientists” shirt to both groups of people, because the verb tense is completely out of whack.

Oh well, it’s all science.

❤ Abby