I’m pretty sure that there’s only one thing that could have made this day better…

10 Jul

Well, possibly two.

One being if Laura were here with me.

Two being if Ryan were here with me.

But no matter, today was most definitely high up there in awesome days lately. The 4th and today are a pretty close tie I think.

But why is this day awesome, you may ask?

Madre and Padre FINALLY caved and let Libby and I go to the We Are Scientists show tonight, after weeks of begging and pleading. Mother finally realized that Capital Hill isn’t such a sleazy neighborhood and Dad let me drive, even though I’m 19 and they technically have no control over me.

But yes, WAS was AMAZING. It took quite awhile to get to them, but that part was good too. They had two opening bands, The Morning Benders and Cut off Your Hands. They were both quite good. The Morning Benders were from San Francisco and they reminded me of the Kooks a bit, and Cut off Your Hands were a little bit like a cross between Bloc Party and Taking Back Sunday, but from New Zealand. It was funny, when they mentioned that they were from New Zealand, someone yelled out “Flight of the Conchords!” And the band was all, “It’s funny, because they aren’t even big in New Zealand.” Anyways, finally at…about 11, they finally started to play. Each of the opening bands played about a half an hour, with quite a bit of dead time in between. But the most excruciating dead time was the time between Cut off Your Hands and WAS. This one roadie guy was up on stage doing all the sound check and stuff. It took so much longer then it had to, so that kinda pissed me off, and the fact that they didn’t have a lot of ventilation, so it got pretty hot in there.

Oh, and the weirdest thing–I swear I saw Nick Feldman, otherwise known as Lil’ Apple Leaf. Nick works for the Daily now I think, which is UW’s student newspaper, and he had a nice camera with him, so it’s possible that he was writing something about it. Damn him! I want that job, and he takes it, even with the Washington Journalist of the Year. Bleh, I never really liked him when Apple Leaf and the Outlook got together. So that was weird, seeing Lil’ Apple Leaf.

But the best part about the show–YES, there is a best part, even though the whole thing was awesome–during “Textbook” Keith decided to jump down OFF the stage and into the crowd, and I just happened to be standing right where he was jumping down, and I touched him. I didn’t cop a feel, but our gazes met and I touched him. I felt like Tracy Turnblad after Link Larkin bumped her in the hallway. So Keith danced around the club, singing to random people in the crowd. It was awesome, I’ll tell ya.

I love their witty banter though. It’s so funny and random. They get up on stage, and Chris starts talking about Craig T. Nelson, who played Coach in “Coach,” which was apparently shot in Seattle. I just thought that it was funny that it was the first thing that Chris could think of relating to Seattle.

I can’t really think of much left to say, because I’m ridiculously tired. It’s 2:45 am. My endorphins ran out. I forgot to bring my camera, so we only have a couple crappy cell phone pictures. Oh well. I knew it was awesome.

❤ Abby


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