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I hate people

9 Jul

Not really all people, just the ones that refuse to pay for a fucking dog groom after I had my finger on its asshole for a half an hour.

I’ll tell you the story.

This woman calls about a dog bath at about 3 pm, and she didn’t bring in her dog, a Collie, mind you, until 5. Alright, I was ready to turn this woman away saying that I didn’t have enough time and she waited too long to bring him in, but he looked in good enough shape to do in 2 hours. So I took the dog in merely on the fact that she said that she was going to tip me big. She talked my ear off about all the particulars of her dog, about massaging his gums and the hot spot on his back and the sanitary trim, which is laymen’s terms means ass shave.

So I knew exactly what to do with this dog. I brushed him out, got out the matts and started to wash the dog. I shampooed him and rinsed him and started to dry him. I was almost done drying when I started to brush out the undercoat as I was drying. And as I was pulling out the dried crap off his but wit the dematting tool, I punctured something.

A hemorrhoid the size of a milk dud, or slightly larger.


So I called in my fellow groomers and my manager and asked what I should do. I called the owner and left a message about what happened, and there I sat, with my finger holding a towel over his bleeding asshole. It was the most disgusting thing I’d encountered at work so far. I sat there for a half an hour, thinking about what we could do. Meanwhile, Annette and Glynda basically clean the place for me. They close for me, when it was my job. Annette even asked to stay an hour later to help me clean up. They deserve very large hugs. Eventually, Annette and I used a huge mound of styptic powder to stop the bleeding. And it worked. There was a large scab looking thing, but the bleeding had stopped.


So I finished the groom like everything was normal. And the woman came in at 8:15, she just waltzes right into the groom shop past the gate thinking that she can. She couldn’t. She’s not supposed to. And she yapped at me more about what I’m supposed to do.

She looked at his butt, with the scabbed over hemorrhoid and was about to tell me off. She was about to yell at me. Seriously, but then we cleaned it off and she saw actually how big it was and she was like, “holy crap that’s the fucking thing?” Duh! That’s why I had to hold hid asshole for a half an hour. Anyway, she cleans off his butt, all the while telling me exactly what I did wrong, including the tool that I used. “You used the wrong tool. That’s a rake.” What the fuck woman? I used what we have. If you want your dog done so particularly, bring in your own goddamn tools or do the fucking dog yourself!

Needless to say, I was angry with her. But not as much as I was after she left. She talked to Darrell, my manager for 20 minutes I swear. I was in the salon, minding my own business, cleaning up what I had left to clean, and then she left. I went out to talk to Darrell and he just looked at me with this frustrated stare.

“She refused to pay.”

Seriously. She refused to pay the $46.99 for the fucking dog bath that I did in 3 hours, on your well-behaved dog, and I had to hold my finger on his asshole for a half an hour. Seriously. Darrell said she was all “well, I don’t want to sue.” Sue? SUE!?! Are you fucking kidding me? I gave your dog relief from the bulging hemorrhoid on his ass, and I didn’t even know it was there. She knew something was there, and she failed to mention it to me, but she mentioned everything else about her fucking dog. I figured that if the dog had a bleeding abscess on his butt, she would have told me. But I didn’t check beforehand.

That’s why Darrell had to write me up. He didn’t want to, but Bob Raymond said that he had to to cover their own ass, in case the woman did sue.

I cried in my car when I left work. I got home and lost it. I yelled the whole story to my father, fucks and shits and goddamns and all, and I cried some more.

But now I just have to keep telling myself, “I’m only there for 2 more months. I don’t have to deal with the crazy fucks anymore, and I get to find a better job. This job is only temporary, and I’ve only been written up once.”

Just keep telling yourself that Abby, and you won’t get upset anymore.

❤ Abby