I feel like I should address this problem

8 Jul

Why do I know that this is a problem?

Because it involves the Jonas Brothers. And it doesn’t involve outstanding hatred. It involves irresistible affection.

Why Joe Jonas, do you have to be so attractive? Why oh why? I’m sure that they wouldn’t be as popular if they weren’t as good-looking as they are. I’m sure of it. They’re like the new millennium Hanson, only they traded in long golden girly hair for dark curly locks and grungy 90s clothes for stylish faux-hipster threads.

Nick still kind of sounds like his balls haven’t dropped, but it’s like your modern day Brady Bunch, sans Jan, Marsha and Cindy. Kevin doesn’t talk or sing at all, and Joe is just…………wait, what was I talking about? I forgot. Oh, yeah, he’s muy attractive. And he’s my age. Not that it means anything, since I’m very happy with my geekily cute boyfriend, but hey, a girl can dream, right?

And I don’t think it’s even their music, because it’s just kinda, eh. But I think I get the same joy in listening to them as I do listening to NSYNC or the Spice Girls–nostalgia. I get a nostalgic feeling with their music. It’s cute, it’s catchy, especially this one little ditty about an time-traveler from the year 3000. Seriously.

I can’t help myself–just look at them.

I rest my case.

❤ Abby


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