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We Are Scientists @ Neumos…

7 Jul

May or may not happen for me…why? Oh, I’ll tell you why.

I’m trying to figure out how I can lie to my parents about going to this show on wednesday. I REALLY want to go, because WAS never comes to Seattle, and they have an in-store at Easy Street Records at 6, and the show at Neumos is at 8. If anyone is seasoned at lying to their parents, let me know.

I know that it’s ridiculous that they still tell me what I can and cannot do when I’m 19–really, I shouldn’t be listening to them. I shouldn’t have to listen to them, just because I live and eat in their house, doesn’t mean that they can control me completely. Ugh, I’m so frustrated, because the only reason that they’re not letting me go is because I have class on wednesday and my Dad is incredibly paranoid about me driving in Seattle–hence, I’ve not ever driven in Seattle. It’s stupid…I know.

So I’ve almost decided that I’m going to go, even though my parents told me not to, I just can’t figure out a good lie on why I’d be out until after midnight or so.

But yes, I love We Are Scientists so much that I’d risk getting a major verbal whooping from my parents to go see them.

❤ Abby