Big bear, big bear chase me!

23 Jun

So I’m on vacation. It’s wonderful.

I’ll start from the beginning. On thursday, we woke up at some ungodly hour, and drove all the way to Billings, Montana in one day. From 5:30 am to 9 pm Montana time, which is an hour later, we drove. We drove and drove. We drove through the Cascades and the Rockies in one day. We only made 2 real stops that day. We had to stop at the Silver Dollar Bar and Casino right over the Idaho-Montana border. And then we made a rest stop in Wibeax, or Weebo, and this rest stop ended up being 45 minutes long, since Dad’s truck bed cover got stuck open. We had to poor Olive Oil down the keyhole to get it to turn, and it was a very frustrating 45 minutes.

That night, we almost didn’t get a motel. We called about 8 places, and all of them were booked, except those that had smoking sections available. Needless to say, we didn’t stay in the smoking section of a motel. I think we stayed at the Fairfield Marriott. I’m not 100% sure that’s what it was called. But it was pretty ghetto.

The next morning, we left at 6 am Montana time, still feeling an hour ahead. So in my mind, we left at 5. 5 am. That’s just ridiculous. I think we only had one stop on friday for reals, besides gas and pee stops. We had lunch at Hardee’s in North Dakota. And it was right as we got into North Dakota.

North Dakota is the flattest place you will ever drive in. I’m pretty sure I could see the Minnesota border once we crossed the Montana border. It’s THAT flat. But Dad was too much of a pussy to drive any higher than 75 because he said he was going to waste gas. Obviously he could afford to waste gas, because once we got out of Washington, gas was almost under $4, and once we got into North Dakota, gas was never over $4. The cheapest I’ve seen it was $3.74. While at home, we pay up to $4.59 at Chevron. I mean, seriously Washington? If Minnesota can do it, we can too.

But the best part about this vacation is how small town everything is. We’ve actually passed through towns with a population of 92. I think that was Callaway…or Ogema…I don’t know. Erskine has a population of 452. Erskine’s where my cousin Melissa is from, and she’s the main reason we all came on this vacation. Her and Carr’s wedding was yesterday, and it was wonderful. I’m pretty sure the entire population of Erskine was at the wedding though. That’s how small town this part of Minnesota is. I could never live here, for the mere fact that we also passed a sign that said “Is this a choice or a child?” and it was a picture of a sonogram. Okay, not that fact alone, but what that sign represents–people here are so darn conservative in this part of Minnesota…it’s kind of like Washington in that the populated part is Liberal, but the scarcely populated part is Conservative…however, Washington is more populated, so we’re always blue in the election. But back to Melissa’s wedding. It was so nice to see everyone again. I love family, and this is the most of my family I think I’ve seen together ever. At least family that I at least see. There’s plenty more in Dad’s family, but I don’t know half of them. My mom stays in contact with all her family. It’s easy to, since most of them are quite old. My uncle Dana is 83, my Aunt Lorraine is 77, and it just goes down from there. We’re actually staying with Lorraine and Dana and Matt and Dawn and Avery, and Robbie and Jim. That’s all Bahan family. It’s a very large family. Trust me. There are 11 cousins between 5 brothers and sisters. Although, that doesn’t really seem like that many, but there are plenty more on grandma’s side.

I would write a hell of a lot more, but we’re going to go play cards out in the living room…OH WAIT! THE CABIN! It’s freaking awesome. Yeah, I’m pretty sure there’s no cabin that kicks more ass. We walked in and I looked up the stairs and instantly thought The Great Outdoors…”Big bear, big bear chase me!” That’s such a great movie. I get my own room. I have to sleep on a single, but still. My own room is nice for once on vacation. We don’t get that a lot, seeing that Libby and I had to share a queen at the hotel in Billings. Oh well. Our water smells like sulphur, and it’s very soft water, so is feels kinda slimy, and it doesn’t really feel like we’re clean, but we’ve got candles to cover up the smell. We are on a lake, and there are swingsets, paddle boats, and fishing boats. My uncle Gary hasn’t caught anything yet, but my Dad caught a big mouth bass today, as well as Robbie’s 8 tiny bluegills. We better have some sort of fish dinner later this week. Hmm…what else is there to talk about?

Oh, I can’t forget Avery!

Avery is the cutest little girl I’ve ever had as a cousin. She’s two, and she’s Matt and Dawn’s daughter. But oh boy is she cute. She has the biggest blue eyes you could ever imagine, and when we asked where she is, she said “Minntota!” Yes, I went on vacation to the state of Minntota, the land of a thousand lakes…and very small towns…although they are more like townships by their size.

I should really go now. I’ll update later in the week, after cemetery day. Don’t ask, I’ll explain later.

❤ Abby


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