Change We Can Believe In

4 Jun

Oh yes we can.

And we did.

Obama won the nomination, and I couldn’t be more excited. I had work last night until 9, and mom recorded Obama’s speech after all the delegates were counted and she watched it twice. I was almost in tears when I watched it. We made history yesterday. We have the first black democratic nominee, the first one who actually has a chance to be president. If we as Americans can vote him into the presidency, it would be the first step in the right direction towards unity and peace. Hopefully. I just can’t help but be hopeful. I can be hopeful for the next 5 months, and then if we do the right thing, I can be hopeful for the next 4 years. Please America, make the right decision.

I sat down and watched his speech, in awe of how humble and gracious he was. He said that he was honored to have run the race with such a fine competitor, Hillary Clinton. No way would she have said that. She would have gone on and on about her. Obama rarely says “I.” He always says “We.” He instills hope in the American people, and I’m so grateful for that.

What’s actually kind of funny is that Hillary didn’t concede. She didn’t accept defeat after Obama already got the votes that he needed. He got the amount of delegates that he needed to clinch the nomination. She’s just bitter that Michigan and Florida didn’t get to be counted, since she won those states. I don’t think she would have won even with those delegates anyway, but she feels like she was cheated and she still deserves the nomination. She better accept the vice presidential nomination if Obama offers it. If she doesn’t, then she really is a bitch.

I’m so relieved. I’m so at peace, and I’m so fired up to go vote in November!

Please America, make the right decision.

❤ Abby


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