Oh no! I missed Saturday!

27 Apr

Day #9

No way! There’s only 9 days left? Wait…

I skipped a day. It’s 10 days left.

Day #9 Day #10

Oh well, that’s still pretty freaking cool.

But why now? I’ve just suddenly realized something, and it’s just happening now, at the end of the year, when I’m not coming back next year, and then that could be it. Damnit. Why do things take so long to happen?

I got back back to school yesterday after I went home on friday to go to our high school musical and try to do my laundry, but no. Our washing machine was broken. Seriously. Mom and Libby had to drive to Grandpa’s house to wash our clothes, and I got stuck in major traffic, while I was waiting for my gas light to go on, and then I went to go get gas and my debit card didn’t have enough money on it, so the Costco gas station denied my card. So yeah, I was mad.

But yesterday was much better. Saturday was a good day. Not quite as good as thursday, but good nonetheless.

❤ Abby


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