Day #13

24 Apr

Yeah, so I’m pretty stoked.

I won’t say why out loud, but I can just tell you. I’ll be smiling all day tomorrow.

I was going to write my entry earlier when I was in the library, but blogger was down for an hour or so earlier. I spent two hours in the library earlier working on my journals for Language and Culture class. I have 2 or 3 more to do, but I feel pretty accomplished today, in more ways than one.

Oh, and you need to see this. This guy went to my high school, and he hasn’t updated his site in over 2 years, but his videos are classic within my group of friends. His whole site’s pretty cool, but I strongly insist that you watch “The Mexican Border Run,” the first one, not the trailer for the second one, although that one is funny as well.

So yeah, today was a good day.

And Grey’s Anatomy premieres tomorrow!!!

❤ Abby


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