I knew I didn’t like her

21 Apr

Day #16:

I knew that Hannah Montana (aka Miley Cyrus) was going to go down the wrong path. I hated her from the start and no one agreed with me.

First, she has no talent.

Second, she’s got the most ANNOYING voice in the world.

Third, she’s a perfect example of the exploitation of youth.

And the last thing–she fucking exploited herself for goodness sakes!

Really, I went and checked my daily Perez, and yes, I read Perez Hilton. It’s addicting, and kind of amusing to know all these random facts about celebrities. I guess it’s filling my brain with nonsense, but oh well. But look at THESE!

I didn’t really want to directly attach them to my blog, because that would just be weird.

But how good of a role model can she be for young girls? She’s fucking younger than my sister! And my sister’s young for her grade. Miley Cyrus is a freshman in high school. Or at least the equivalent. That is just not right. If she wants to be someone that little girls look up to because of her wholesomeness, then she should stick to her guns and not be a little internet ho. And I thought she was dating one of those sissies the Jonas Brothers, and who is this mysterious other male in the pictures? Hmmm? You wanna tell me that Miley? And what the fuck kind of name is Miley? It sounds like Billy Ray was drunk and he tried to name her “Smiley.” They’re just getting younger and younger. Hilary Duff stayed pretty wholesome up until she started dating Joel, and still, pictures of her don’t leak online. Jamie Lynn is pregnant at the age of 16…that shows you something, and Vanessa Hudgens has NAKED pictures of herself online. Well, Vanessa is older than me, but still–where the hell is Disney finding these underaged exhibitionists?

Those tiny talentless Disney sluts!

Yeah, that was my beef of the day.

❤ Abby


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