So apparently I can’t spell

18 Apr

Day #20:

Well, at least I can’t spell abstinance.

It’s spelled abstinEnce. I’m retarded.

We had a Sexual Spelling Bee tonight, and all of 6 people were in it. I was the 3rd one out. It was ridiculous, because I wanted to get to the really hard words, like chlamydia and gonorrhea. Those words are legitimately hard, but no–WIFE IS NOT HARD. CHEAT IS NOT HARD. HORMONE IS NOT HARD. It made me angry.

But something that didn’t make me angry today–news from the Outlook. And specifically news about the Phoenix. Apparently, last year’s issue won something. A second place something, at that. So that made me happy, as well as the announcements for new positions for next year (i.e. EIC, opinions editor, copy editor, etc.)

And another thing that made me happy.

Jim is going to propose to Pam! For reals to the 6th power! I’m so glad that the Office is back. It’s pretty much the best show on television right now. Well, until Grey’s Anatomy comes back next week! Yay!

Jim <3’s Pam Forever!

❤ Abby


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