29 Days

8 Apr

Day number 29:
Colds suck.
History class sucks.
Elliott Smith is pretty much amazing.
I have officially written my first song. It’s shit. Not THE shit. Just shit.

Here, I’ll demonstrate.
It’s called “Showers with a chance of rain”

It’s raining again.
I didn’t see you yesterday.
But I wish we knew when
Things would turn out our way.

With passionless romances come nonsensical lives.
Yet we share each other like it’s no big deal.
I realize that until that time arrives
We just have to make it like it’s real.

It’s raining again.
And you’re not here to cover me.
It’s raining again.
You still think that we can just be.

Weekends are always the best [I need to think of a better way of saying this]
It’s our escape from monday thru friday.
It makes each week a test
A test that never has an ending that’s bleak.
But not today.


I played your song again today
Just so I could hear your voice [this is cliched, I know]
It’s raining again, so the kids didn’t go out to play.
We are obligated to make a choice.

Are you in or are you out?
It’s raining, so today, I’m in.

I actually got inspired by the weather.
The ending seriously sounds like Heidi Klum at the end of an episode of Project Runway.
I’m ridiculous.

❤ Abby


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