Open Mic Night…2.0

2 Apr

So, last night was AWESOME with a capital O.

Yeah, pretty badass.

Although four of us had to cram into my truck. It was kind of uncomfortable, seeing that Ian and Matt’s guitars were in the back and I worried that they’d be rolling around the entire way there. No matter, they were fine.

We got to the Antique Sandwich Company right on time though. Just in time to sign in for Hooray! For the Madness (aka Ian and Matt) to get a spot to play. They were number 12.

But it was annoying that the best people were all last. The first guy basically blew into his recorder…not so sure why, but things got better as the night went on.

A couple that stood out to me though:

1. Two dudes with obvious inner emo-ness. Their song “Sunday Morning Jam” was depressing. Seriously. When I think of sunday mornings, I think of omelettes, sunshine, church and football. Not sadness in 3 notes. Really, the singer only sang about three notes the entire time. It was weird.
2. Chick with piano. She first played an original song, which was really good. Honestly. And then she was all “are there any Weezer fans in the house” and Ian and I cheered. “Well, this in my rendition of Buddy Holly that I’ve been working on for awhile.” It was actually very cool. After it was over, Ian was all “Rivers would be proud!” Nerd.
3. Guy who serenaded his girlfriend. It was so sweet, even I got all swoony. He played the piano, and it was a surprise! He wasn’t an amazing singer, but still. It was SO CUTE! But, but, but…his girlfriend didn’t even hug him or kiss him or cry or get weak at the knees. She just watched. Heartless I tell you, HEARTLESS!
4. Ummm…oh gosh, the British man! This guy was so cool! Holy crap, he sang this song called a Godzilla, and it made Laura, Libby and I laugh out loud. We actually LOL’d. But one of the lines was “It’s not the size of your pencil, it’s how you write your name.” Yes, I know, HILARIOUS.
5. Plenty of harmonica men, which was really cool, because I forgot how cool the harmonica sounded. Actually, the last guy who played it got cut off by Spencer, the douchebag MC. I mean, really, what the hell was up his butt? “Whatever it is, it’s sideways!” Libby said.
6. The “Taco Men,” otherwise known as man with Counting Crows face and Jesus hair and his harmonica backup, were so entertaining. The song was about “Everything” as Jesus Man said. Basically, it was harping on everything that’s bad in the world. There was much stomping, tapping on guitars, shouting and harmonica playing. I could just see Spencer on the side of the stage stroking his temples. He’s so set on getting through the schedule and following the rules and making it normal. Come on, man. It’s downtown Tacoma. Sit down, take off your vest, smoke some weed and chill out. That’s what he needs to do.
7. Abba, apparently was her name. She sounded just like Regina Spektor, but with a little less Russian-Brooklyn accent. The mic wasn’t even working and we could still all hear her. The song was really long, which I could tell bothered Spencer, but it was a great song. I would buy her record.
8. I’ll mention the man that Laura thinks should get a record deal. I think his name was Kurt. He sounded just like the singer from Lifehouse, and he was kinda hot. Laura got all googly eyed over him though, mostly because of his voice and guitar skills. Awesome, I will tell you that.
9. But wait, I cannot leave out our pals. Hooray! For the Madness. Both of them actually looked cool up on stage, because Ian’s left handed and Matt’s right handed, and they have contrasting colored guitars. They were so nervous though, which Ian made evident after the first song, but telling the audience that he was “sweating like a pig, but like all of you wanted to know that.” Even in all of their awkwardness, it still worked. But I’ll tell ya, I remember when I had my recital, and there’s no way that I could have gone up there and play like they did. It was all original stuff, and all on their own accord. It was a nice change of pace, because we’d been bombarded with folky stuff all night, so I liked that we had some of their music in the middle, which is pretty much the opposite of folky stuff. Oh, and Spencer was an asshole to them too. He told Matt “don’t say that again,” after the first song, and they had no idea what the hell he was talking about, and Matt went up and talked to him afterwards. Apparently, when they said “magic” Spencer thought they said “bastard.” I’m confused as to how he got “bastard” from “magic,” but they knew what they said. I didn’t hear bastard.

This last part will not be numbered, because it actually didn’t count. After the show was all over, we all went outside and jammed on the sidewalk. I finally got Laura obsessed with “Once.” And I hate to say I told her so, but I told her so. She and Ian learned the song “Falling Slowly” in like, 2 days, and now they can basically play it. Not so sure on the words yet, but that’s where I helped. I knew all the words. There was also some Moldy Peaches thrown in. “I don’t see what anyone can see in anyone else but you.” I love that song.

So I left a lot later than I said I was. Big deal. I left at 10:30 when I said I was going to leave at 9. Eh, who cares? The show ended at 10, so I would have missed all the best acts if I’d left early.

It should become a regular thing once school gets out, and we don’t have classes and homework and shit to do. Damn you school!

I’ll upload the pictures from last night later today or tomorrow. Whenever I can find a camera connector.

Oh yes, and I am trying shamelessly plug for Hooray! For the Madness…seeing that people actually read this thing apparently. I found out two days ago.

❤ Abby


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