Happy Belated 3.14159265358973…..DAY!

17 Mar

I’m pretty lame. I know.

So, this spring break started out pretty boss. Friday was Pi day. As in March 14, 3.14. Or 3.1415926535…. Pi. So on this mathematical occasion, Laura and I decided to make a pie. We were without quick materials. We only had instant pistachio pudding and cook and serve lemon pudding. We were too anxious to wait, so I went to Albertson’s and got the necessary materials for pie-making. I kinda felt like I was in an episode of Pushing Daisies, and Kristin Chenowith was going to walk in and burst out in a musical number.

But anyways….

I got banana pudding…and a banana to make a pi symbol on top of the pie. But who to give the pie to? We couldn’t keep it for ourselves.

“We can bring it to Ian’s house! His dad told me that I needed to make him a pie a while ago.” How much of a coincidence was that? So we called Ian and told him to make sure that his dad was awake in about an hour and a half, mind you, it was already 9:30 at night. We embarked on our endeavor, using a baking crust instead of graham cracker crust, and fat-free milk instead of 2%….and a freezer instead of a refrigerator. Hey, we were improvising.

When the pie was set up enough, I covered it in whipped topping and make a pie symbol out of slices of banana. It looked pretty ghetto, if I do say so myself. We drove to Ian’s house and dropped off the pie, all the while they were both in their pajamas, and then we left. We didn’t stay long. We didn’t need to.

So that’s how spring break began. Baking a pie on a whim. That’s exactly how every day will be when Laura and I have an apartment together. Every day will be pi day. We’ll just have to find some sort of celebration for every day. That’s a pretty genius idea. Yeah, I’m kind of awesome.

But what else? Hmmm. Oh, yesterday, Libby and I went shopping and I got some new shortses. I needed spring clothes. And Target is the ultimate spring retail store. Plus, I had about $83 dollars in gift cards at Target. We re-dyed Libby’s hair last night too. And in we, I mean me. The red looks SU-WEET! It’s finally a perfect color, and permanent…well, more permanent than the color she got at Hot Topic.

Today’s a whole different story. I woke up at a decent time…Libby on the other hand woke up at about noon. She’s on this all-liquid diet for a couple days. Doctor stuff. But I decided to make the task less excruciating, that I’d do it with her. It’s not a bad idea if you think about it. We’ll be about 5-10 lbs lighter on tuesday. However, I did have a ham and egg bagel this morning for breakfast before she woke up, but I went to the YMCA and burnt almost 400 calories, so that doesn’t count. Tuesday will just be even sweeter.

I did do something that probably wasn’t the best to do to Libby today. I bought a box of Thin Mints. I know I know, but the little Brownies outside the Starbucks were so cute, and it was the last day of sales, I hadn’t had a Thin Mint in a year. I’d had a Peanut Butter Patty, a Carmel Delight, and some of the new ones. I can’t remember what they were called, but they came in clever 100-calorie packs. One of the Girl Scouts gave me the whole shpeel. It was so cute. I couldn’t resist. I saw how many cookies they had left, and I’ve been in that position before. I swear, if I do have kids in the future, and if I have a girl, I will TOTALLY get her involved in Girl Scouts at a young age. That was pretty much the second best thing that ever happened to me in my childhood and adolescent years, running a close second to Outlook. But nothing can beat Outlook.

Speaking of Outlook, CONGRATS to everyone’s wins at State this weekend. I heard all about the Excellents and Superiors. I remember when I was Excellent, at State and Nationals. I’m coming back to paste-up this weekend to see what’s up. And I have nothing else better to do, honestly. I mean, I could, but no one’s home from college except me and Gibson, at least that I know of. If I’m missing something, please let me know so that we can hang out or something. It just sucks that high school spring break isn’t for almost another month, otherwise, my high school friends and I would be hanging out all week. But no, they have school. And golf practice. Although, I probably am gonna stop by golf practice this week sometime if I can. If I can pass off as a player to the Canterwood guards. They’re pretty hardcore, and I think that they might realize that I haven’t been around about a year, so we’ll see what happens.

Wow, his is the longest post that I’ve posted in a long time. It feels nice. I’m purging myself of all the pent-up anxiety this spring break. It just a week of R&R, and this was a perfect way of kicking it off, with a super-long post, and an all-liquid diet for two days. Sounds dandy, doesn’t it?



❤ Abby


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