99th post!

11 Mar

Yay! I’ve had 99 posts! Hooray!

One more and I’ll have 100!

But what shall I write about?

I really have a craving for some Nirvana. Oddly enough.

Oh yes, saturday!

There were 400 people at the Capitol on saturday, I recently discovered from Cooper. 400+ people got to see our movie, which is pretty damn cool. But what sucks is that 150 people didn’t get to vote for their favorite movie. It’s kinda retarded, because the results could have totally changed.

But anyway, I’m not bitter.

But saturday could not have been better. Seriously. Ian, Laura and JL got here at about 5 o’clock, and we walked around in the woods. And as we strolled down the pathways back to the cemetery (since Ian wanted to see the cemetery) we argued about which of the ninja turtles was red. Seriously. We’re that nerdy. I was to find out later that we were all wrong about who was red. Who really cares though?

And when we finally left for the theater, my stupid GPS turned us all the fucking way around. I got so angry with it. We had to call 411 connect because for some reason, I was an idiot and couldn’t remember what the fuck the place looked like. I was apparently wrong, because when we found it, it looked nothing like I remembered. So we’re using Google Maps next time.

Speaking of Google Maps, it was the other good band that we saw there. It was just a bassist and a drummer, which was way cool. And one of their songs started out like “now, for all of you familiar with the numbers 1-7, we’d like you to join us in counting the numbers 1-7.” Seriously. So every 10 or 15 seconds in the song, we’d sing with the band “1…2…3…4…5…6…7…6…5…4…3…2…1!” And that was the end of the song. It was so bitchin’.

That’s Ian’s new word, and he’s got me saying it now.


Probably the only video we were bitter about when it won was ” P Style,” which was basically this chick running around Olympia peeing on things. She bought this funnel thing that you shove in your pants for girls to pee standing up. It was either really dumb or really abstract that I couldn’t even get it. Maybe I didn’t get it. Maybe Cooper, Zack and Gavin saw something that I didn’t.

But anyway, I’m not bitter.

My favorite ones were as follows (in no particular order): The Bogmonster; I’ll see you then, my love; Joltikron 9000; Stand For Freedom; and 4 Minute Journey about clocks. They all had their quirks and mishaps, but those were my favorite, besides ours, of course. Though, for some reason there were 3 or more movies involving a guy running around in the woods in their underwear. That’s Evergreen for ya.

No, wait…that’s Washington for ya. We have woods. And we have crazies.

Oh, and rain.

I’m both glad, and sad that it’s overwith…because I had fun hanging out with Ian and Laura that whole weekend. I really think that it would be fun to do again just for fun…when we don’t have mounds of homework to do or any sort of restraints. We’ll have to do it again over the summer. And maybe if they hold this event again next year, I’ll do it again, even though Laura and I will be in Tacoma. It was worth it.

I really want this week to be over. I want Spring Break to be now. Seriously. This week is going to be so long and arduous, I think I’ll pull out all my eyelashes.

❤ Abby


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