So, we didn’t win anything

9 Mar


We did get to hear some really cool new bands, one being “The Tasteful Nudes.” I know, great name right? And we got to see other amazing films, in the midst of some crappy ones as well. I learned a lot more about Olympia, that I can’t say enough. And it was an overall great experience. That just sounded like a really crappy honorable mention speech.

People actually laughed at our movie, which was really cool to hear. But the movie that got 2nd place from the judges totally shouldn’t have gotten second place. I’ll just say that right now. We were a little bitter about that one, and Ian really wanted the comics from Danger Room comics. He couldn’t be more of a nerd.

I’m too tired to write more about it. Seriously, I’m so fucking tired right now. I just couldn’t leave anyone hanging about our amazing film debut.

Oh, and there was this couple sucking face behind us. It was awkward.

❤ Abby


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