He’s so fierce!

6 Mar

Christian just won Project Runway…and it’s awesome!

I was so proud of him. His reaction was so great–once Jillian was out, both Christian and Rami started to cry, but Christian was bawling. He didn’t know what to expect. I loved it.

What else to write about? Hmmm. I actually don’t have much. Midterms are this week and next week. They suck. Like, really suck. I have 2 papers due on monday. I had a test today. I have a paper due tomorrow. I have a test and 11 journal entries on friday, and a test next friday. How fucked up is that? And for some stupid reason, I can’t get higher than a 14/20 on my stupid History seminar reaction papers. I hate it. I mean, I’ve gotten 14/20 on the last two papers. That’s 70%. Me! I don’t get 70% on essays. I don’t mean to be egotistical, but I really don’t get 70% on essays. I write. How retarded would it be for me to get a bad grade in history because of a few bad grades on ESSAYS?!!!

It makes me so mad.

I love having a Japanese roommate. It makes me so much more aware of what I’m doing all the time. I check myself all the time, and make sure to include her in things. I feel bad when I go to dinner without her or leave to do things. She moved in last weekend, and I had to leave right then, like, she moved in, and 2 hours later, I left. It kinda sucked. But it helps me realize what I’m saying all the time and try to make myself more clear. I should be practicing my Japanese more with her, but I’ve just been so busy with other things, and last weekend was freaking insane. And this weekend will be freaking insane. I’m just full of insanity!

I should go. I’ll go write in my other journal. The one where I use a pen.

And Obama’s still ahead, even after Hillary won freaking Ohio, Rhode Island, Texas for crying out loud! Obama only won Vermont, and he’s still ahead. And it isn’t even February anymore! You go Barack! He’s such a BAMF.

❤ Abby


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