Okay, now I can write about it

4 Mar

I was just so out of it last night, and today, but I took a nap, so I’m better now. Plus, I got one of my many assignments done already. I have so many papers to write.

Oh well.

We actually finished the movie alot sooner than we thought, and alot sooner than was portrayed in the Olympian yesterday. Sensei brought it to my attention this afternoon that I was quoted in the article. I knew that the guy who interviewed me at Evergreen on friday was on the Olympian, but I wasn’t sure if my quotes would run.

Oh, I should start from the beginning though.

Michael’s a butthead. I went to Evergreen right on time, but wandered around for a half an hour looking for the damn HCC, since I’d only been there one time, in the daylight, and not while it was raining. After awhile, I almost gave up. But I finally found it at 7:45, 45 minutes after they gave the prompt to everyone else. So as stupid as I felt getting there super late, I still got the prompt and the free coffee. The prompt included: under 4 minutes, a journey theme, a clock in there somewhere, and a POV shot. We got everything in there, because Ian’s awesome.

Really, Ian, you’re awesome.

Laura spent the night on friday, and on saturday, we got to work. We went to the Goodwill and found a clock, a blender and a hand mixer. And Ian bought a shirt. All for $19.47. Laura and I are shopping at Goodwill for everything next year. Anyway, after that, I swear Ian sat there and wrote for an hour and a half working on the script. It was his idea, after all. Girl falls in love with blender, blender cheats on girl, blender and girl sort out differences and get engaged, blender dies. It’s a basic love story.

Okay, maybe not.

But it’s pretty badass though, isn’t it?

Like I said, Ian, you’re awesome.

Sunday was so much more productive, with 75% of the scenes shot that day, at Laura’s house, Ian’s house and a park by Ian’s house. But the only bad part of the day was when the battery started to run out on the camera, when we had 2 scenes left to shoot. It was pretty scary. The battery monitor turned red and Laura kept slipping up on her lines. I think that’s what made her slip up, the nervousness of getting it done before the battery died.

But we finished with plenty of battery to load in onto the computer.

And then Libby, Laura and Andrea left Ian and I to edit while they went to go see Penelope. Those bitches. Actually, it was okay. I’ll just see the movie some other time, and they didn’t really have much to do anyway. They weren’t included in the “Shot, cut and written by Ian K. and Abby W.” credit on my parent’s bathroom mirror.

That was pretty badass, right?

Anyway, I went and dropped it off at Old School Pizzeria tonight, which my GPS didn’t lead me too. It led me 3 blocks down from Old School. I actually had to ask for directions. I felt pretty retarded. But I made it there in time, unlike when I picked up the prompt. It’s so nice to know that it’s finished though. Now I just have to wait for saturday, when we have the screening at the Capitol Theater in Olympia on saturday. I’m not sure what time it is though. I have to email the Mind Screen crew.

I have to go do more homework. Shit, mid terms suck.

❤ Abby


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