I’m taking a break

2 Mar

We all are, actually.

Laura and Ian went home tonight to get some real sleep. Laura spent the night last night, and we were up until 4 am, I swear. And I woke up at 6:15 to come downstairs and eat some food. That’s what sucks about being a girl–once a month, your energy level and appetite gets all messed up, among other things. But I took a nap on the couch for a couple extra hours before Laura made pancakes before we went to go get Ian.

But last night was weird. I got the the HCC late, and Michael–the butthead he is–didn’t answer his phone so that he could help me find the HCC. I swear, I wandered around the dorms for half an hour trying to find this damn place. I finally found it, but found no one else in there, except 3 college-aged looking guys talking to an older guy. I thought that he was the Mind Screen guy, and the three guys were the only ones entering the contest. I was wrong. That older guy was from the Olympian, and the three (may I say moderately attractive) other guys were the Mind Screen guys. Apparently, there were 30 other teams who came and got their prompt right at 7, when I was falsifying my parking ticket, in an attempt to not get another one two nights in a row. I didn’t know that you had to pay a 2 dollar parking fee on weekdays, so I got a ticket on thursday when I went to go see the Experimental Theater show–which was AWESOME by the way. The nakedness didn’t even bother me either. It actually made it better.

But anyway.

Back to the whole move deal. The reporter from the Olympian interviewed me for an article about the competition. He asked if there was any way that he and a photographer could come observe the process of filmmaking. I told him that we were in Gig Harbor, so it would probably be hard. But it was still cool to be interviewed. The article might go in tomorrow’s paper, so I’ll have to check the Olympian website.

You’ll never guess what our topic is though. Seriously. You’ll never guess. We had to have a theme of a quest or journey, use a clock and at least one POV shot. The movie’s due on monday night at Old School Pizza at 7. Hopefully, we can get it filmed in time tomorrow, so that I could got back to school at a decent time. That’s really all I’m worrying about. Editing actually didn’t take as long as I thought it would. But, we only got through the opening credits and such, which takes up about a 5th of the whole movie. Did I mention that it can’t be more than 4 minutes long? Yeah, that’s right.

I gotta get to bed.

No, I’m actually watching SNL.

I’ll update on “Sweet Adeline” tomorrow night when I get back to school. That’s what our movie’s called.

❤ Abby


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