The Grammys…

11 Feb

Actually didn’t suck tonight.

I was surprised.

Foo Fighters rocked. Kanye killed it. Alicia Keyes was amazing…as usual. Beyonce and Tina were pretty cool. And..

I don’t want to sound mean, but Aretha looked like Jaba the Hut in a lemon-colored dress.

Oh, and Amy Winehouse was miraculously not cracked up. I remember watching her on the European music awards, and she could barely get her words out…but this time, she actually seemed confident and not high. She won some awards too. Good for her.

And good for the Fighters of Foo. I have the dorkiest girl-crush on Dave Grohl. I love his hair.

And way cool for Herbie Hancock, who beat out Kanye, which made this the 3rd time Kanye got jipped out of his Album of the Year award. I liked that when she shot to a clip of Kanye when they announced the nominees, he was praying in his hands.

And to be perfectly honest, I am totally obsessed with Rhapsody in Blue and Nessun dorma right now. For some weird reason, I’m in a classical and opera mood. Seriously. I hadn’t heard Rhapsody in Blue in so long, and I forgot how much I loved that song.

So go listen to it…it’s really good.

Oh, and Mark Ronson (sigh) got producer of the year 🙂

❤ Abby


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