7 Feb

That’s what I need to do with my brain right now. There is so much going on, I can’t keep my goals straight. I have a book seminar on friday, a paper due on wednesday, a quiz on wednesday, and an article rough draft due next week as well. I need to keep up on my workouts and biggest loser and such. I need to vote, oh, and I’m getting a new roommate tomorrow supposedly.

Sounds wonderful, don’t it?

Well, why don’t I start with something that I don’t have direct control over–the election.

So yesterday sucked. Yeah, it was so damn close, and they’re still counting votes…and still Hillary is ahead by about one hundred delegates. But it’s only because of her damn superdelegates that decided to make up their minds weeks ago…they shouldn’t even count anyway. But they do. She has 193, Barack has 106 superdelegates. Damn her connections.

But seriously, I had the CNN Election Center on my computer screen all day yesterday, as well as the news all the time after 4 o’clock. Seriously. I think my friends were getting tired of me updating every half hour about who got what state. It’s so unfair too, because Barack won like 3 more states that Hillary, but still, all her fucking superdelegates gave her the edge.

And don’t even get me started with the republicans. McCain totally has it in the bag, and it sucks. When I think about it, he’s the best of all the republicans…but that’s the problem. He gets those moderates that WON’T VOTE FOR HILLARY!!!! If it’s Hillary vs. McCain, he’ll win. And the democrats need the white house back–for good. I kept up with the polls all day yesterday, and it said that the majority of people said that Hillary would most likely be commander in chief, but Barack would unite the country. Wait…what? How do those contradict eachother? That’s the thing–they DON’T! The commander in chief needs to unite this country, because obviously the douchebag we have sitting in the oval office right now doesn’t know how to unite this damn country.

Ugh. I’m pissed.

Barack has to win. But if he doesn’t…I’ll still vote for Hillary. She’s democrat, and a woman, and her husband’s pretty cool too. He’s make an entertaining first lady.

Other than that, this week has just been pretty full. I missed class on monday because of the doctor. But the IV nurse did get my vein after only one poke, which was a good sign, but after we said that, we jinxed it, because I had to get my prednisone as well as my IV/IG, and this week just has doom and gloom all over it. My great Aunt died on monday…my 97-year-old great aunt. And the ground is too frozen in Minnesota to bury her until the spring. And I have way too much homework to do for one person. And Yuka’s coming tomorrow.

Oh lordy.

Too much stuff… application not responding…must reboot…


❤ Abby


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