I feel like I just found out my favorite love song was written about a sandwich.

26 Jan

Well, not really, but I thought that was a clever line from 27 Dresses, which I saw last night.

Not, I’ll have to be honest. I didn’t expect much, because I’m been keeping up with the movie reviews lately, as it’s Oscar season. A.O. Scott has given it a horrible review, as did many of the other big-time critics. I pretty much got what I expected, but there’s more to it.

I’ll explain.

Jane (Katie Heigl) has always been a bridesmaid, but never a bride. She’s never said no to the question “Will you be my maid of honor?” The film opens up as she is simultaneously maid-of-honoring two different weddings, in Manhattan and Brooklyn. I thought that it was a clever way to start the movie, and a good way to set up the story, in the biggest way. Jane is also in love with her charming boss, to whom she is his assistant. Her snarky friend, played by the ever-snarky Judy Greer, tells her to go tell him how she feels, but he ends up falling in love with her younger, and supposedly more beautiful sister, although I don’t think that it was incredibly fitting to have Katherine Heigl play the gawky, less desirable sister, but whatever. Eventually, George, her boss, proposes to Jane’s sister Tess, all the while Tess is lying about almost everything about her. Then Tess asks Jane to be the maid of honor, she says yes, a cute writer from the “New York Journal” interviews Jane about her sister’s wedding, his story turns into an expose about Jane’s 27 dresses, they fall in love, his article get printed without her knowing, she slaps him, Jane gets fed up with Tess’s lying, slaps Tess, ruins the wedding, but then everyone lives happily ever after, miraculously.

Okay, so I probably shouldn’t have given away the entire plot, but I had to prove the point that it really did take only that much space to write the synopsis.

I could have written this movie. Seriously. It’s pretty much the most cliched storyline, with the most predictable characters, and the most predictable story devices. I could have written the character of the bitchy, egomaniac sister who steals Jane’s almost, lover Boss. Really, I hated her sister. But all in all, I actually liked the movie.


The main reason–Katie Heigl.

Now, I’m not saying that this was anywhere near the comedic genius of Knocked Up, but it was a romantic comedy. One can’t really expect to be floored with something Oscar-worthy. But Heigl has the potential to carry any kind of comedy. I’ve always been a fan since Grey’s Anatomy started, and now that the writer’s strike is still going strong, she may be able to pursue more comedic movie roles in films that have already been written. Heigl has very good comedic timing for someone who’s been the most whiny character recently on the most down-and-out number one shows to come along in years. Who would have thought that Izzie Stevens could deliver a line like “but then I remember that I get to have hot hate sex with total strangers and I feel so much better” and keep a straight face? Brava Katie!

Pretty much my favorite scene in the entire movie was where Jane and the cute writer, Kevin go through all her 27 dresses. All the hideous, poofy, themed bridesmaids dresses. And as some divine miracle, Heigl looked gorgeous in every, single one of the colorful disasters. She and Kevin, played by James Marsden, were so cutesy, that it would have made even a cynic laugh at all a ridiculousness.

Oh, that’s another reason–James Marsden.

Finally, he’s getting his big break. Marsden has been around for a few years now, after appearing in the X-Men movies and The Notebook, he’s always played second fiddle. But in the last year, he’s gotten some pretty good roles if you ask me. First, it was Corny Collins in Hairspray, then Prince Edward in the Disney satire, Enchanted. But this was the first movie where he actually got a really notably large part. And he’s just so cute. You have to love his face, it makes you smile.

And that’s what the whole purpose of 27 Dresses was, to put a smile on your face and make you feel all fuzzy inside, not to bring tears to your eyes with amazement. Then it wouldn’t be considered a comedy. That’s the key word here–comedy. It’s supposed to make you laugh. It’s supposed to make a group of college girls giddy for an hour after seeing the movie. So if you laugh at this film, even at the almost sickeningly cliched scene with Heigl and Marsden dancing on the bar, singing to “Bennie and the Jets,” then pat yourself on the back. You just gave into the power of the movies.

❤ Abby


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