I should really be doing homework

20 Jan

But I’m not.

So I’ll tell you about our CRAZY night in Seattle. It wasn’t that crazy compared to other people’s I’m sure, but it was pretty crazy for me.

Christina, her boyfriend Chris, Aimee, Amanda and I went to Club One3One. The club itself was kind of lame..actually…really lame. The floor tiles were coming up in the bathroom, the music was moderately crappy, and the there were tons of slutty Avril wannabes in pigtails and studded belts. But the ride there was the funnest part. Not that Christina’s a bad driver, she’s just a fast driver and not the best at following directions. So we basically made a complete loop around the Seattle center and beyond, all the while Aimee and Christina were about to pee their pants. My GPS kept fucking up and freezing, so it showed that we were in the same place for about a mile, so that didn’t work really well.

Yeah, so we got lost.

And on the way there, I made the best mix. It was pretty awesome, I’d have to say so. It was everything from the Killers remix to Gnarls Barkley to NSYNC to the Good Charlotte. Oh, and Sandstorm. Sandstorm was pretty boss.

And then we found ourselves. Right on time too.

We got in line at like 9:55, and it was cold. Really cold, we all happened to be wearing short pants or skirts and no jacket, excluding Amanda who was smart enough to wear long sleeves and jeans, and Chris, who wore his jacket inside the place. Well, it was smart at first, before we got in the door. But once we got in the door, we all got frisked, and Chris got extra frisked–twice. We were the first ones there, I swear. The next people to arrive were the slutty Avril wannabes and this REALLY drunk guy who was falling all over himself and break-dancing in the middle of the floor, very clumsily I might add.

Once people started to arrive, at around 10:30ish, the dance floor got going, but once we all got out there, it was really weird that all these guys just stood around the perimeter of the dance floor, like vultures, waiting to hone in on their prey. It happened a couple times to Amanda, from the same guy, and she denied him. And then to me, and as ridiculous as I was, I basically scurried through our little group of 5 to avoid the guy. I didn’t want some random guy feeling up on me. Thank you very much. But Aimee found a cool guy to dance with, she never found out his name, but they were pretty good dancers.

They had poles and cages.


And I saw a girl that I knew from high school, who happened to me a mother of a 3-year-old. I recognized her from across the room, and then she recognized me and came over and told Amanda “she looks familiar” and pointed to me. I told her who I was, and she was like “oh my god!” and she gave me a hug. The only thing that I could think of was, “you smell like booze and where the fuck is your child?” But of all the clubs in Seattle, it was weird.

We left at like, 12:20, because Christina really started to get dehydrated, and we were getting a little bored. The music was pretty much all the same. All the same beat, just with different words. It was fun to dance to, but Chris and I both agreed that the music was crap.

We got home at like…1:30, not so bad actually for a Seattle drive, but it was nice to get to sleep.

Sister and Laura are coming up tonight. Wizard.

❤ Abby


One Response to “I should really be doing homework”

  1. Anonymous 02/20/2008 at 5:06 am #

    Another Review of one3one

    In order for people to get the right perspective of this club, we feel the other view of it should be pointed out.

    This was our experience.

    We took a few shots to start the night off right. This got us ready to dance our asses off! Of course, many pics were taken, mostly beacuse we’re so photogenic. But also beacuse we want to document the memories.

    We made a scene going up stairs to get our DD. (Yes, we’re safe partiers.) Anyways, once we got our sober person, we stumbled out to the car. Once safe in the vehicle we proceeded to take more pics of our fab selves and took a few more shots.
    The ride seemed to go by quite quickly, after all we were all sloshed, and our driver was speeding and the music was pumping throug our veins.
    Once we arrived we didnt pay the full price unlike other hos becasue we’re just that cool. VIP bitchs, suck it. The alchol had gone right through our systems and we all had to piss.
    With an emptay bladder, the dancing could begin. Let me tell you, we danced our hot asses off like the rent was due that hour. We’re not ashmed to dance like sluts. I mean, its not like your going to see these people again. Unless you take one home for the night, but even that way its just for a few hours.
    It is also worth noting that we ran into one of our boss bitchs there and had a drunken dancin reunion. (Arent those the best kinds)
    We danced and grined and freaked on every body, bench, cage, and pole in that bitch. We owned the dance floor. At closing time, 2 am we were sent home. Once we got back we got some snacks and partied till sunrise at about 6:05 am.

    Overall Impression of one3one: fuck, we dont remeber it that much, but that just means it was that fun. And we loved the music! It got us moving and wanting more. An experienced hip hop and rap listener whom the club appeals to would feel every variation of the beat in their soul.

    we loved it.

    the end.

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