Dingy String

17 Jan

So, I totally changed the beginning of my novel. My friends have started calling it “novelling” when I sit down at my computer for hours on end, writing and rewriting. The beginning I posted before is so far from what it is now, that I can’t even believe that I started with such a lame beginning. It’s so much better now, and so much more focused and crafted. I’m not sure if crafted is the right word, but I have the ending already basically done. When I first started the other version, I had no direction, and no idea as to where I was heading. Now, I even have a theme in mind. I really do. And I’m excited. So I have the beginning and the end, but now I need about 200 pages of the middle.

The structure is a little different. I have the protagonist as first person, speaking mostly past tense, but the beginning of each chapter is just a little glimpse into what the end will be. And it doesn’t have the classic novel movement, where there’s the beginning, the build-up to the climax, and the cool-down after the climax, and everything resolves itself. The climax of the story comes very late in the story, and the ending in a way resolves everything, but in a hanging way. It’s kind of a cliffhanger, but everyone would know what it means. If I elaborated on the ending and the resolution, it would be really cliched.

I really don’t want it to be cliched. I honestly feel so good about it that if I worked on it for a couple of years, I can picture myself trying to get it published.


And Dingy String is the name of the first chapter.

I’m really glad to be back at school.

Oh, the Colbert Report is on, gotta go.

❤ Abby


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