Tonight! Then! Plus! Hey…

8 Jan

Today was a good day. I didn’t accomplish a lot, but it wasn’t so gloomy outside and I wasn’t stressed at all. Overall, nice day. But sadly enough, tonight’s television is what made it great. I know, I’m ridiculous. The critics’ choice awards were on, Project Runway, and the brand new episodes of The Daily Show and the Colbert Report. Actually for the remaining time until the strike is over, they will be called ‘A’ Daily Show, and the Colbert Report, but actually pronounced like it looks. Pretty funny stuff.

John actually wasn’t as funny as he could have been, which saddened me, because it made me realize that he does need writers. That show really does. There was so Aasif Mandvi or Samantha Bee or Jason Jones. I mean, he was funny, don’t get me wrong, but the show wasn’t the same.

Stephen, on the other hand, could totally hold down his show without writers, because he never really had segments other than him talking about himself anyway. Nothing really had to change. But the best part, gosh this was so clever. My headline for today, the TONIGHT…THEN…PLUS…HEY stuff, was his opening, seriously. He just inserted his transition words without anything to transition to. It was great. And when he went to do the word, he was like, “which brings me to tonight’s word,” and he points to the side of the screen where the word normally appears, and there was no word. No words at all. No teleprompters, no scripts, nothing. The fact that Stephen’s show can self-sustain in this Hollywood crisis, says a lot about his creativity. He should totally win the Emmy next year, it isn’t fair. First Barry Manilow, then Tony Bennett, WTF?

Yeah, so tv brightened my day, what of it?

It will again on thursday, so what?

Ugh, I am ridiculous.

❤ Abby


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