1 Night, 2 Parties

6 Jan

I just saw the republican debates, and now I’m about to watch the democratic debates.

To be honest, Ron Paul was pretty freaking cool. Gibson was right. And he’s not a democrat, which is what surprised me. Personally, he isn’t hanging with the right crowd. He should be hanging with Barack, Hillary and John. Mitt Romney’s an ass, Rudy Giuliani is an idiot, and Mike Huckabee LOVES JESUS! But Ron Paul is so freaking libertarian, he didn’t seem like he was at the right place at all.

I’m quite excited to see how the democratic debate goes…and I want John Edwards to come out on top. I like Barack…I do, but I think that he’s a little too progressive for right now, and he hasn’t had a lot experience. He would be a great Vice President…but not quite a president yet. Hillary Clinton isn’t charismatic..she isn’t very likable… and honestly, she doesn’t seem womenly enough. I think the reason that she came out on top so quickly was because people knew her name. That’s what I think.

❤ Abby


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