Early November

19 Oct

So, there’s a windstorm on the way. I’m a little worried. But we should all be fine. But I was bored in math class today, so I wrote a poem… and I was in a poetry mood, since we went and listened to David Guterson last night. It was really cool, but really embarrassing, because half of the students weren’t mature enough to be there. It was ridiculous.

The cries from outside
Wailing and beating against the glass
As if wishing to break each pane in
I sadly decline their request
Locking the windows and tightening the shutters

The children chase the fall
Scampering across the ground
They roll through the grass and through the street
Just fast enough to be faster
Outrunning what we all know is coming

Inevitable rain, falling sideways
Douses the yard, now it’s too soggy to play on
Somehow Houdinis itself past the blanket of bumbershoots
Trickling down our faces, as if crying
As we regretfully leave October behind.

❤ Abby


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