Reluctant tendencies

12 Oct

I don’t know if I’m excited about this, or incredibly nervous. I just went to paste-up today, and it was awesome. It was a little weird being the outsider, but thank God Nicole and Laura was there. They were always my favorite. It was great to see everyone working and to meet all the newbies. Copy editing surprised me. I was so proud of Loren, because everyone came to copy-editing. I mean, no offense to Elizabeth, but she never got everyone to come. I think that Jordan managed it a few times, but usually Josh or Christian didn’t come and whatnot. But Loren takes his job seriously, and I think that it’s exactly what he needed to get his head in the game, to actually have a job to do. That was his problem last year.

But what I actually mean by my first statement is maybe less noticeable in the staff. I don’t think that Caity will like this, or Ashley. This is definitely not Coats’ OL style. At first, when I heard about the 8-page-broadsheet thing, I wasn’t that worried, because then it meant that they wouldn’t need as many days, so then 2- day paste-ups seemed plausible, but everything about it was different. I mean, almost everything. The fonts were still basically the same. Body text is Palatino, the folio is huge, and white space is now their friend. I really didn’t know which white space to mark when we were in copy-editing, because I didn’t know if it was intentional. Nicole told me that they were being innovative in not being innovative, in going back to the classic, minimalistic. I don’t know how I feel about that, but as Gibson always says, “don’t judge art before it’s finished.” And that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I have my reservations, but I’m open to change, at least in this sense.

I guess my initial thought was that a redesign was unnecessary. Like, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. I never got the sense from anyone that they wanted a redesign this quickly after the last one. We did one my junior year. Most newspapers do it every 5-7 years. Not within one generation in high school. This year’s seniors seniors have now seen all 3 of the styles. Before we even went to Impact and Myriad Pro.

Heidi showed up though, which was nice, because then I wasn’t the only alum there. She keeps trying to get me to pick UW. She came in and sat down next to me when I was helping Taylor with his bacon-photoshop dilemma…long story…but anyways, she was like “so have to decided to pick UW yet?” I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do now. One side of my brain thinks it would just be easier to go to UW, because then I wouldn’t even have to come home to go to the doctor, and I know their journalism program is good. I mean, they have a daily paper….it’s called “The Daily.” Elizabeth goes their, Heidi does, plenty of people that I know go there. But then another half of my brain tells me to go to WWU, where it’s safer, smaller, and still with some people that I know. Patrick goes there. An old friend that I haven’t talked to in ages goes there. And I don’t know how their journalism program is. I forgot to ask Derek about it. No. I can’t do it. I forgot to ask Smith. I’m gonna be 20 before I call him Derek. I keep going back and forth in my mind about the two. CWU is kind of working it’s way out of the question, because it’s really out of the freaking way. I’d like to have at least suburbia. Ellensburg is a drive-through town–as in people drive through it to get to other, more interesting places. At least people live in the town of Bellingham.

I don’t know. I need some sign. Come on, give me one. You gave me one in the pen container. Tell me something. Even my horoscope. I need something to make up my mind for me. I’m incredibly indecisive. But I still need to find out about the credits. That could easily make up my mind for me.

Oh, Grey’s Anatomy was amazing tonight. It ended just the way I wanted it to. George finally told Callie. Thank God. Finally.

Pushing Daisies is my favorite new show. I love it. Her name’s Chuck! And Lee Pace is so adorable as “The Pie Maker.”

❤ Abby

(Oh, and I changed my mind about what I want my tattoo to say. I want it to say “artist.”)


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