I got myself some stories to tell

7 Oct

So, it was a very eventful day.

First, Libby came over and we went to go meet Michael at the mall. The mall is okay, better than the Tacoma Mall, but Kohl’s in pretty lame. It’s just another department store. Blah. But when we ment Michael, we saw his hair. It’s blond. Yeah. Crazy, huh? Also, Chandler told us apparently she almost died. There was an explosion in the Nalley Valley off of highway 16. Yeah, lots of fire. And broken windows blocks away. That’s crazy too.

And the most crazy thing…I really actually don’t like that word, crazy. It’s a weird word…anyways.

So, as I was saying, Libby wanted to dye her hair purple. Even more purple than it was before. So we used the little brushy thing and did a few pieces, just like we did it before, right. Then Lib went to go wash it out. My hands were dyed purple, a lot. But Libby called for me in the shower next door, to ask if her face was purple. Her face, arms, and legs were purple. She looked like Violet Beauregard from Willy Wonka, seriously. But the dye spread, a lot. She dried her hair, and the top layers of her hair had turned grey. And her bangs were purple. It was bad. Really bad. I freaked out, because Mom was going to be so mad if Libby’s whole head was purple. We had to use rubbing alcohol to get it off her face and arms. Her back is still tinted plum. But we rushed off to Rite Aid to get dye remover. Thankfully, we found some, and we grabbed some blonde dye just to be safe.

So we got back to school, and tested the remover on a piece of her hair, and it worked in like, 3 minutes. It was awesome. I was so relieved, because it completely fixed her hair. I was gonna cry if her hair was stained purple, but we’ll have to bring back the blonde hair dye, because we didn’t need it, and we don’t wanna waste 7 dollars, because I’m in college now and I can’t waste money…any money.

It’s 3:11 in the morning. Holy crap. Why the hell am I still awake, and not tired? This makes no sense.

I just realized, we are going to die in our sleep. We’ve inhaled so many fumes in our room. Hair dye, peroxide, now nail polish remover, because Kelsie felt so inclined to paint her nails at 3 in the morning.

Wow, we are swanky. That’s Kelsie’s word. I like it.

I should really go to bed.

Oh right, I really want a tattoo. I think I like this one.

❤ Abby


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