I feel better since…

6 Oct

I had a breakdown the other day. Seriously. I don’t know what happened. I was on the phone with my mom for a half an hour yesterday, crying. All the stuff I said before was basically an excuse I was looking for to justify the fact that I have to transfer next year, because in all honesty, they don’t the classes I need, or the classes that I want. Teresa has to go somewhere else next year too, because of financial stuff, but we looked up stuff about Western and Central yesterday, because I do NOT want to go to UW, it’s too big. Both Western and Central are smaller than 15000 the only thing is the distance, which isn’t that far, 2 and a half hours to both schools. And the thing that we’re more worried about are the credit transfers. I think I’m gonna go somewhere based on where will take the most of my credits here.

I talked to Gibson about Central, and I still need to talk to Patrick about Western.

At least I know some people at both schools. And Teresa plans on going wherever I go, because boh schools have both of our majors, and it just depends on the credits. They’re both about the same price, and it’s still 2000 some odd miles away from her house, and she can’t go home.

So I guess I’m goint to go visit both schools over winter break and ask about how the credits will transfer, because we’ll know which classes we’re taking by then, but I think that we can still change them if we have to. They work in quarters, both of them, so it will be a little more difficult to transfer them over.

Well we’ll see.

❤ Abby


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